Cold Steel Kudu 20K Cheap and Good Pocket Knife

This is a very good pocket knife with a very low price tag! Thanks for watching, the website link for this item is below:

5 thoughts on “Cold Steel Kudu 20K Cheap and Good Pocket Knife

  1. Joseph Schmoberg says:

    You mentioned this is a non tactical knife ….. don't tell that to the many many hundreds that have been killed by this knife in South Africa, Jamaica, and other countries. This knife is carried by gangs all over the world, because it is cheap, has a very good lock, is very light, and has a long blade. This knife along with the "Piper" fighting skill, and you are an defensive Army of One !

  2. T Penny says:

    Good review… I own one too.
    Its a nice knfe for the money but the blade is not as good as the Okapi knives that its based on- its MUCH harder stainless and you need a diamond to sharpen it while the original Okapi you can just use a stone and strop. Its good for food prep and butchering tasks but is a real PITA to sharpen for me since I don't have a diamond plate.
    I like the Blade of the original Okapi knives way better but the Handle on the Kudu is more durable and water resistantthen the orange crate or whatever they make the OKapi handles out of…LOL. Also I wish there were different sizes like the Okapi knives have.

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