Cold Steel FGX Butterfly Knives Available at



Cold Steel loves to do things just because they can, but their FGX Balisongs prove that the end result is often worth it. These completely synthetic butterfly knives

13 thoughts on “Cold Steel FGX Butterfly Knives Available at

  1. CosmicNeko says:

    does that prong that keeps the handles seperated when open wear down, or wear the grip down to the point where keeping it closed is impossble? i've had plenty of balisongs that ended up being impossible to remain closed from prongs like those, that and the latch just wearing down in general

  2. HOSTILE MGTOW says:

    The only thing these would be good for, is in a situation that you'd need to get through a security check point in.

    If the only point of entry is a security check point, and you're gonna be in a situation that you'd need to be armed in, these might be your cup of tea.

    Other than that, they're just a novelty.

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