Cold Steel Delta Dart for "self-defense" [ENG]



Delta Dart is a thing made by Cold Steel. It’s some kind of tactical boot knife that might be used for self-defense. It’s light, black, very easy to conceal and it …

7 thoughts on “Cold Steel Delta Dart for "self-defense" [ENG]

  1. Brian W says:

    In case I ever get sentenced to prison, I’ll have something to shove up my ass ahead of time… to defend against other things going up my ass…

  2. gypsy nirvana says:

    I hope my post doesn't come across as being overly critical as that wasn't my intent. I have a coldsteel delta dart & jungle dart & I can vouch for the penetration ability of the jungle dart as I left an assailant with 2 through & through wounds to his left forearm after he made the mistake of grabbing my jacket lapel & threatening me with serious harm

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