23 thoughts on “Cold Steel Chaos

  1. Gunfighter Tactical says:

    If you're concerned about the law problem, simply go for the Tanto version, as Tanto blades haven't been classified as a forbidden knife shape by any known laws, the Chaos double edge version is absolutely illegal in my country, therefore, I bought the same knife but with Tanto blade

  2. UnSelfRighteous .Monk says:

    Got this knife. The sheath is crap: it dulls the edge when the blade touches the sides of the sheath. Why do they make sheaths with that type of plastic? based on the price, a kydex sheath should have been included vs this cheap hard plastic.

  3. Edward Hines says:

    Have a look at some of the WW1 warfare documentaries. A trench knife was an absolute gift to have in close quarters fighting. When you can't throw a full punch, the metal knuckles make those punches count.

  4. Ronaldo Crespin says:

    I am looking at the Cold Steel web site right now and the chaos they are showing does not have any printing on the blade at the guard. Also, I cannot tell the difference in their photo and the one that amazon provides. Just thought I would mention it.

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