22 thoughts on “Cold Steel Chaos Tanto Trench Knife 80NT Review | OsoGrandeKnives

  1. roman star says:

    ive the united cutlery pathfinder which also has an aluminum handle and am wondering if anyone else does and can compare the handles weight / balance to this cs knife ?

  2. TechysTechTalk says:

    Hey agian. Do you have like a knife that is like the double sided knife version but without that aluminum knuckes? Would still want it to be exactly like the knife but without the knuckles.

  3. Nathan Embryo says:

    If you wanted, could to make a handle for this blade, because I want to make a medium sized tanto and no i dont want that huge one for $20 i want survival tanto but I dont want to pay the price for one and this seemsike the liable option.

  4. SolidSnake2948 says:

    The Chaos tanto is a heavy style of knife, made for piercing the toughest armor, it is very thick right up until the point. I couldn't imagine the force you would need to snap this blade. It has a nice balance, and feels like an extension of your own arm even though it's heavy. Repeated actions will leave you tired however, so it's best to train so you develop those swinging muscles.

  5. Ahmad Carlos says:

    Well I bought one. Only time I'll carry it is for using it as a pig sticker. Punched some 2×4's with the guard and pommel. And all I can say, I can see why this things illegal in a lot of places.

  6. Oso Grande says:

    The Chaos Tanto Fixed Blade Trench Knife is going to be more versatile than the Chaos Double Edge. The DE is designed more for hand to hand combat and stabbing and it is thin enough to slide between the ribs, penetration of the DE is virtually effortless. The Tanto is good for both combat and survival utility tasks, the blade is going to be stronger (tantos are known for their extremely strong tips) which can penetrate thru steel drums, car doors, etc. w/o breaking. 🙂

  7. ashastings92 says:

    Oso, I'm kind of new to knives. Hope you can answer this! Why would I want the Tanto over the DoubleEdged version. And vice versa? Other than appearance I can think of a reason why there are two versions

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