Cold Steel: (1 of 3) Basic Self Defense With Saber and Cutlass

Basic Self Defense (using Saber and Cutlass) instructions brought to you by renown Anthony DeLongis and Lynn C. Thompson.

47 thoughts on “Cold Steel: (1 of 3) Basic Self Defense With Saber and Cutlass

  1. Londinium Armoury says:

    I've never owned a Cold Steel Sabre, can a Sabreur let me know if they handle like the Original antiques or not? How good are they, please only reply if you practice Sabre and have handled a few real Sabres.

  2. DxT Khajiit says:

    Keep your stance right, keep your body lowered, as your moving forward balance is the key. You'd do it for her, and you'd do it again, you'd do it for her that is to say you'd do it for him.

  3. DibbleDabble says:

    If you were dual-wielding a saber with a semiautomatic pistol, which would go in the off hand? If you start with the pistol in your main hand, would you holster it or switch hands after you ran out of ammunition to bring the sword to the main hand? I guess one should practice with both weapons in both hands.

  4. Battlescar Gigantica says:

    In 2005 I ordered a Boar Spear from Cold Steel. To this day it's my absolute favorite piece. A bit simple, sure, but it's my favorite all the same. BTW Cold Steel, when I ordered that, I got a catalogue as well, and in the catalogue was a DvD that had THIS training session on it as well as some basics for spear use. I have since lost it… Im ashamed to say. But I must ask is this or the spear video available for sale? I havent been to the site in some time but the last time I was there I failed to see it. Im particularly interested in the Spear DvD.

    Im a huge Supporter and a Fan. Love your products.

  5. James Willmus says:

    Where I really see sabers coming into their own is when defending against a home intruder. In close quarters, a blade will be faster than most guns. Besides that, most people would think twice about fighting against someone with the confidence to use a sword against a gun.

  6. J Logan says:

    the swords been underrated bc its no longer carried. with firearms it kind of made most melee weapons useless so while i LOVE swords axes etc and i do believe its a rich and beneficial study i still say gun+knife carrier who knows close quarter blade and empty hand defense and has practiced on draw firing is going to be top dog

  7. zeroa6 says:

    Hello Genius producers. I´m from Argentina, so my english is not the best, hope you can understand me:
    I know very well that the key is not the blade (sword), but the fencer is. The problems is (Sincerely) lately I´m starting to think that the sabre can win to Katana relativity easy. And I´m a Katana swordmanship practicioner, but talking sincerely, the sabre have great adventage on almost all swords. What do you think about that?. Hope Thompson read this!…
    Thanks for exist! xD


  8. Andy Wood says:

    The introduction of the sabre in Western Europe and American Colonies , along with the term sabre itself, dates to the 17th century, via influence of the Polish (szabla) sabre type ultimately derived from these medieval backswords.The original type of Szabla, or Polish sabre, was used as a cavalry weapon, possibly inspired by Hungarian or wider Turco-Mongol warfare. The Karabela was a type of szabla popular in the late 17th century, worn by the Polish, Lithuanian, and Ukrainian nobility class, the Szlachta. While designed as a cavalry weapon, it also came to replace various types of straight-bladed swords used by infantry. So Polish-Hungarian sabres one the best.If you interested check this video about Art of the Cross-cutting Polish sabre fighting and Budo. Polish-Japanese encounter of two cultures seminar.

  9. Electro says:

    I have a CS cutlass machete. This works well in the toolbox of my truck because it doubles as a tool for my outdoor task to minimize any legal complications. A full dress cutlass or sabre would be frowned upon by LE. This being said, the back of the handle would be more comfortable if it were swept inward instead of outward. That and maybe the blade could come a few inches shorter to reduce weight and make the tool a little more handy. Just a suggestion to help the more budget minded customers. Thanks CS!

  10. James Smith says:

    Hmm, I take some of your advice with a grain of salt. I have been fencing for several years, and some of your advice is scarily similar to the ideas fencing rookies say, so I wouldn't recommend anyone STRICTLY following this guide. Nevertheless, good quality video.

  11. caligura says:

    Soo I am going to fancy dress this weekend, I have dancers feet anyway so I am just looking for the most effective swings with a short plastic cutlass. plus I am intrigued on how did pirates fight within such limited space on a ship and on rough seas? Serious sea-legs that.

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