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11 thoughts on “Code Red Defense – Complete Self Defense Videos

  1. Jamesamundo says:

    I am a Krav Maga practitioner and have a good solid background in both martial arts and self-defense and combat systems. I have also worked security and indeed taught security and law enforcement control methods. I was intrigued by the Youtube video clips and purchased the full code red defense video set. Initially, I thought the "marketing" was a bit of a red flag and probably because I have seen SO MUCH garbage out there. But, after getting and seeing the product, I will tell you, this is totally legit! This is a solid no-nonsense self-defense system, the best I have ever seen. It is the simplest and most effective system both at the same time and that is amazing. Don't hesitate to get this series of videos. But, don't just watch them. Get a training buddy and work the drills and scenarios. And Nick, feel free to use this as a testimonial in any way you might like. I stand behind what I have said!

  2. Dan Tribble says:

    I watched several videos before commenting – this is good stuff – realistic, scenario based "interactions" – I will use my favorite term I use on my fb page and with my students – this is Practical and Tactical – Thank you!

  3. jhonson Kashka says:

    the best self defense program on the internet I have ever seen. there is a big difference between all the other self defence videos and websites compared to code red defense, I mean everything is just too real and easy to understand in other words it makes completely sense. looking forward for other videos.

  4. Chris Duncan says:

    Hey nick, is there a way to get all of the videos in one purchase or do i have to buy them all individually? Thanks for the awesome videos, i learn so much from your content and enjoy it as well.

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