Cockfighting in America | Full Segment | Real Sports w/ Bryant Gumbel | HBO

Though it’s a crime in all 50 states, Cockfighting is alive and well in America. ‘Real Sports’ takes an in-depth look at the underground sport, what authorities are …

40 thoughts on “Cockfighting in America | Full Segment | Real Sports w/ Bryant Gumbel | HBO

  1. Southern Hemisphere says:

    It's hypocrisy, that the government is shutting this down, since they are not getting any money from this industry. It's very ignorant for them to put it as illegal while big farm owners that put chickens in far worst conditions, but slower death in the farms, and sending them off to food product companies. I think that guy should have said that in his view so people can realize how terrible the government is while forcing them to shut this down. And the government do realize they need to know how animals work, it's like they don't want animals to eat other animals, and call that illegal. It's hilarious!! That whatever people think or see someone films an animal get beat up, it's so called "Rights" when they realize where the hell else can they go? When humans are destroying everything they have? But the other thing is, you can't kill animals for fun like this, it's insane.

  2. one4all says:

    I've visited some big name gamefarms. They all treat roosters like royalty. Beautiful environment, temperature, nicely trimmed grass, fed the healthiest foods, groomed, bathed and cleaned up. All bird poop is cleaned away. Bottom of their feet are so clean. Free roaming roosters don't look as good because they don't have good food, they are dirty because they aren't washed, they step on their own poop and it's there under their feet, they don't aren't dewormed or get special treatment.

    Even when their roosters win fights and are no longer able to stand, they still keep the roosters, feed them and take care of them even though they can't fight or creed anymore because they are appreciated and cherished for their wins and hard work.

    The roosters that win and recover from fights fight more than once, and then they live to breed. Same great treatment too.

    If you've had chickens in a farm, you know some roosters just fight, and some fight to the death, and no training or special breeding was done. It's natural instincts. Two male tigers cannot live together, unless one submits. Some tigers refuse to submit and they fight to the death. It's no different with roosters.

    The treatment that chickens get that are eaten is garbage. No space to move, food to make them big and fat, which gets them reaching full size in a month or two, then killed, sold and eaten.

    Which one do you think gets better treatment, fighting chicken or regular chicken? Roosters will be roosters. The aggressive ones kill one another because they refuse to back down. It's in their blood regardless of breed. People only enhance it by breeding the strongest, healthiest roosters that don't submit either. These roosters are cared for. Carried and loved by owners that raised them. Sad for their chickens when they lose, but proud like a father is when his son achieves a degree. Then treated like gold after winning fights.

    The pitbull is the one that has many that are dog aggressive. With roosters they are always aggressive. Even if they don't fight to the death they make the others know who is boss. Let chickens be chickens. If people want to gamble over what chickens would do naturally, with or without them I see nothing wrong with that.

  3. Vera Joeann says:

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  4. Constantin Edee says:

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  5. Sean Shipley says:

    It is a past time sport between gentleman who put time,sweat,blood and yes money that we take care of our families and provide opportunities that American government that clams are there.Now too us cockfighters leave the drugs at home that is why they started giving us hell in the first place they seen it as away for people to do deals and mask it as just cockfighting. I only speak for myself when I say I support the past time and encourage you to see what the HBO short video doesn't how everyday up keep teaches your children hard work a since of responsibility that today's social media driven world doesnt. So thank u to the old timers that paved the road for me.

  6. Daniel Sadjadi says:

    Since when was purposely forcing a wild animal to violently murder another wild animal for entertainment a human right? What god-given human rights is this guy talking about? This is disgusting.

  7. Jocelin Essie says:

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  8. Edvard Flossi says:

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  9. Steve Carnall says:

    The government has no right to make our cockfighting illeagal. Those roosters are born to fight and die, like the Spartans. They will kill each other, regardless. Unlike dogs, who have to be trained. It's the courage they show, that the liberal democrats despise. The girlie brain liberals will soon be over.

  10. Kai Inusuka says:

    "They can't be returned to normal farm life, they've been bred and trained to fight" girl I get what you're saying but that is your opinion and I'm quite done with it. This is a lifestyle that you're gonna have to respect and stop putting these roosters to sleep over something silly yes this can be discussed as animal cruelty but I see no problem with it because as said before "it's in their blood to fight" and that's like keeping a football player from playing football because they can die. (yes you can actually die in football like you can in baseball and other sports)

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