Cobratec Knives: A Poor Man's Microtech OTF?



Today We’re reviewing Cobratec CTK-1 OTF Knife. This is an afffordable OTF Knife option for those of us who dont want to spend a lot of money on an Automatic …

40 thoughts on “Cobratec Knives: A Poor Man's Microtech OTF?

  1. Michael Ca'they says:

    Wow, some of you guys really? Yes, there are some other options that are fantastic knives if you want to lay out the cash but some folks either don't or can't. Cobratec is an alternative that offers a great build with quality components backed by a solid warranty for a fair price!!! Why are you all hating??? WOW!!!

  2. Michael Ca'they says:

    I have the large FS-X model with D2 Steel Dagger double sided blade. It's a bit more pricey $175 but the logos are machined in vs stamped. Solid build, great knife at this price point!! Cobratec definitely filling the void for those who want a solid quality product without breaking the bank!

  3. Emerald Lx says:

    My Dirac was 298 with tax half serrated stone wash XHP steel . My knife weighs less then 2 oz the blade length is 2.91 , closed is 4 inches. Perfect EDC knife . Warranty and a company will be around 4 life .

  4. seth leighton says:

    I have this but I think there's better options under 50… If willing to buy clones especially ..I own microtechs and clones ..carry clones cause there cheap and last couple yrs

  5. Nuclear Hippo says:

    I thought about getting one, but it he fact that you can get a Microtech ultratech for not much more money, that’s what I went with. And now I’m a true believer in Microtech. Cobra tech in my opinion is just a Chinese rip off.

  6. lucky C bro says:

    Okay in the first minute he says he has a coupon in the description for you. He hasn't told you where the knife is good or bad yet. Let me guess you like the knife? Before I even see this video I already know you like the knife cuz you got a coupon in your description. If you thought it was a piece of crap you tell people not to buy it

  7. Gary Gearhart says:

    I have collected knives for 50 years and know a bit about quality and I bought a medium silver at a show in wy yesterday. Anyway it's not sloppy or loose like some of the much more expensive ones. Its lifetime backed and I'm very impressed as I tested it big time. I will be back for more.

  8. Matt Conklin says:

    I've had my sitting on my shelf for over a year. I barley carry it & the green coating is coming off. I paid $75 new for this thing, i really like the knife but it seems to be decaying pretty Fast for never carrying it!!!!!

  9. Greg Roberts says:

    I like your theory on paying for knives. Don't buy a knife that costs more than your gun. I'm a fan. My absolute price ceiling for a knife is probably $150. Any more than that and I wouldn't want to do anything with the knife other than put it in the gun safe and take it out to look at it once a week. I USE my knives, so the majority of them are in the $40-100 range. Anyway my wife got me one of the smaller Cobratech OTFs for Christmas and I love it. I actually just changed out the blade to try another one for awhile (she also got me a spare blade).

    Also I just noticed they now sell a "small cap screw" for $5 to replace the glass breaker.

  10. Jon Gotti says:

    I have a OD green one from tactical OTF ( world class blades) its the same exact knife, except mine is in D2. I paid 80 bucks for mine and I got the hellhound blade. I use it every day and its works amazing! Paying $700 for a knife is just not practical for me. I noticed the company you got this one from is in 440 steel where the (WCB) they make theirs in D2 Damascus..

  11. Brett Clemens says:

    Nice try brotha, but no. I humbly suggest losing the word "GUYS" from all future videos. Lmao, no I ain't about SJW horseshit pronouns and P.C. culture insanity, the word "guys" is fukn nails in a chalkboard to me when I am watchin the tube. Thanks Guys, cya guys, Hi guys….. kill me now. Hahahaha, I'm a garbage human being? Maybe, my bad man. I have burned by this junk OTF market, wish you the best. guys.

  12. chris Sarno says:

    Cobratec OTF knives are fraudulently presented as made in the USA, they are not, they are manufactured in mainland China for literally less then an American dollar per knife, think of that before you decide to plop down over $100.00 for one of them. The knives are then shipped to the USA and assembled in Texas somewhere. At $65.00 a knife they were a decent buy, not great, but decent, suddenly in the last few weeks they are attempting to double their price in the US, from $65.00 to $125.00 to as much as $180.00 per knife! At $180.00 you are just shy of the pricepoint for a Microtech Ultratech, and right there with the price of a Protech OTF or even a plain Godfather auto, all of which are radically superior to the Cobratec OTF's! I hate Chinese knife makers lying their lips off about the origins of their knives, consider any ultra high quality Chinese OTF, the very best of them, are manufactured for less then three US dollars, and then can be had for around $45.00 – $80.00 and the Chinese knives worth that much are as good as anything made anywhere. Chinese goods are dirt cheap, thats why American manufacturing decamped to mainland China in the first place. You folks have any idea how much it costs Marifone to build the typical microtech OTF in the USA????

  13. sedonabear says:

    You spend way too much time criticizing the color, is a matter fo personal preference and has nothing to do with the quality of the knife. The "glass breaker" is NOT a glass breaker. This is primarily and almost strictly a fighting knife, and by no means a rescue knife. The "glass breaker" is in actuality a "skull crusher". Removing it diminishes the primary functionality of the knife.

  14. Sonny Dryer says:

    I Love the comments from the knife commando's on here…Obviously butt hurt, because they paid 6 times too much, for the bragging rights….You all probably buy a Yeti, and put the decal on your car to show the world you are a Dumbass, LOLOLOL….

  15. PurplEDC Reviews says:

    You can usually find short stainless hex screws with a button top to replace the glassbreaker. I buy them at ace hardware all the time. They also have black oxide coated short screws that will work too.

  16. wes says:

    I kind of has a reputation for taking "inspiration" from other but holy hell this is a blatant Chinese clone that was rebranded. Please don't recommend clone ripoffs. They kill companies that are making actual American products.

  17. Andrew Scott says:

    I just bought the lightweight with the two sided dagger blade and I really like, my only complaint is the same complaint I have work most knives and that is it should come with a deep carry pocket clip

  18. SquireSCA says:

    Cobratec had a booth at the 2019 Blade Show in Atlanta this past weekend. The larger OTF's were being sold for $170. They have a lifetime warranty, and the guys at the table claim they are "assembled in TX"… They seem nice enough, but time will tell. I picked one up for $170, thinking they were good quality, but I ended up giving it to my buddythat went to the show with me for half what I had paid for it, and I picked up a Brian Tighe OTF that cost double the Cobratec, and seems really nice.

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