club vs stick in kenpo defense techniques

“KENPOJOE” Rebelo details out the difference between “club” vs “stick” and the application in regards to defenses in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate.

7 thoughts on “club vs stick in kenpo defense techniques

  1. BigStickCombat says:

    My background is in the FMA, and I agree with everything you say. The advantage of rattan is in its usefulness as a training tool, being light and not creating jagged shards like hardwood can.

    I stumbled across the concept of a stick versus a club, and it pretty much changed everything for me. A club will hit harder than a stick, and impromptu weapons (wrench, beer bottle, tree branch, etc.) will resemble clubs, not sticks.

    I agree that there's little to be gained by going to Filipino hardwoods if they're in the shape of a stick. But there are some Filipino practitioners who train with the club —

  2. bigdzzplace says:

    My son trained for years in Kenpo Arnis…3 ideas posted on the wall…Talk it out..walk away from it..defend yourself… why you letting kids know about a tire bat? you have those in yer school for training? just my thoughts…your facial expretions say it all!!

  3. silatguy says:

    cool stuff. My great uncle was head or director of the FBI and besides blessing me and my brother with some trust fund money, we inhereted two of his FBI clubs from the 30-40's era. One is a very dark wood, with a rounded circular appearance and the other one is squarish with carved grips. Both have loopholes also. I agree with you….they will mess you up!! haha

  4. Zoran Sevic says:

    I have to agree that clubs tend to be heavier than FMA sticks and should be considered a different weapon. Both for defense and use of said weapon.

    However, the length is not always short as batons and nightsticks are considered clubs. Also a mace, shillelagh, and other historical weapons are also considered clubs. So the term "club" tends to be generic in use.

    Otherwise I agree, a club is a club, a stick is a stick.

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