Close-Quarters Combat with a Firearm!

Combat Focus Shooting expert Rob Pincus demonstrates and explains how to execute the “duck-under to side control” technique for handling an armed assailant…

6 thoughts on “Close-Quarters Combat with a Firearm!

  1. bae313 says:

    If you are out of range consider running. If you can't run consider complying. If complying doesn't work out, the attacker will have to come into range.

    When the attacker comes into range, you will do much better if you have something in your toolbox that you have worked on before against several different types of attacks.

    Stop being a troll and post a video of something on your channel that might lead us to believe that you have some idea of what you are talking about.

  2. bae313 says:

    That's a lot of fighting with your 1 hand vs his 1 ARMED hand before u go for your weapon. Bites, knees & eye gouge attacks will tie up his free hand & then allow u plenty of time to get a weapon drawn. Call it 2 different ways to skin a cat if you want, BUT, going for an underhook & then dipping under his shoulder distracts you from the knife more than him. Sticking a finger in his eye will distract him from the knife more than you. Distract the knife attack to decrease the odds of a bad tie.

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