Close Quarter Knife Defense Tips

41 thoughts on “Close Quarter Knife Defense Tips

  1. Followingfist says:

    Beautiful demo! This/these is/are the positions most people find themselves in during a real life knife attack. The lapel grab by the opponent is usually involved bc the knife itself is not meant to be seen or the only one who should see it is the victim. I tell people the closest functional way an attack will most likely happen is how you see them do it in prisons. They look like this! Trust me I critique my own senior black belts who demo otherwise. Good job!

  2. WAR HAMMER says:

    This is why I preach HAND STRENGTH to people all the time. Having superior hand strength is a distinct advantage in manipulations. Of course still need the know how of other techniques but having a superior grip gives you an advantage in fighting/grappling.

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