Close Quarter Combat Knife Defence



Be taught by Close Quarter Combat expert Glenn Zwiers. In this Free lesson he will teach you simple and effective knife defence against a frontal stab.

45 thoughts on “Close Quarter Combat Knife Defence

  1. Chad Anderson says:

    bottom line don't be a coward defend yourself if need be and understand when in such a situation no matter what techniques you use do not expect to come out unscaved. in Live combat there is and always will be some sort of complication. if not believe that real life combat is just like watching your favorite action film. the hero always wins ie who the f… really knows who that is most the time btw… sometimes people forget what they're fighting for while in the mists of a battle.

  2. Chad Anderson says:

    listen in real life combat situations. the opponent isnt going to be submisive in the initial attacks. notice the word attacks… your opponet will continue to swing like a lumber jack on a tree trunk until … 1 your fatally wounded and cannot continue your defense 2 you are dead 3 you analized your physical capabilities and created a responsive plan of engagement to suit your situation ie your recourses ie use your f'in brain 4 you seen a opportunity in your opponents methods of attack… tbc

  3. Francisco Lopez says:

    its a good thing here in america i can carry my gun. i feel bad for you aussies. hopefully you guys can get your guns back one day soon when the politicians see how horribly wrong their gun control is!

  4. Emory Productions says:

    Sorry about being such a jerk in my previous comment, I was having a bad day :S. Anyways though. It is legal to use deadly force on an attacker. I even just looked it up and one of the top results mentioned a father who beat an attacker to death for attacking his daughter. And he didn't get arrested. Trust me when I say that it's legal to kill someone who is attacking you. Now I don't want to kill someone. But if I accidentally did, oh well. I wasn't just gonna let him kill me.

  5. Iñigo Portilla says:

    lol this is old. Anyway I get why people who seek this kind of "help" would mark my comments as spam. people are going to read them anyways so id care. As I said look it up for yourself, it iis not legal, I'm not going to argue that lol. Also when he says you have to do things necesary for your survival he means plucking out the guys eyes and curb stomping him, so that kind of defeats the purpose of his advice doesnt it?

  6. Emory Productions says:

    2 things for you. 1: I'm pretty sure he's not lying. What he's saying is true, it doesn't matter what you do to an attacker, if they attack you, you can defend yourself in any way you deem necessary. 2: If you actually took the time to watch the whole video instead of starting random arguments like a little kid, you would realize at the end he said only do what's necessary for your survival. Please stop embarrassing yourself. Your comments are only getting marked as spam anyways.

  7. GianSol says:

    Good video, but LMAO at the poor dummy guy, he got smacked and then stomped in the head for real lol poor man. And @ Nero Heart, at no point the guy said you "cant use dealy force", he said "Do what's necessary to survive"why would you kill someone if you do not really have to? It could get you in jail even if you were defending yourself and it is proven there was no need of murder. If you fight and you break someone's arm, unless you prove it was necessary you gonna have to pay hospital bills.

  8. Danny Gesundheit says:

    Good: when the attacker tries to stab me, I manage to evade it by using your CQC techniques. Damn!

    Bad: when the attacker tries to attack my grandmother, she manage to pray to J.C before she got stabed. Fuck!

  9. Iñigo Portilla says:

    what I told you to read is a presented case in the United States of America. And all UN counties have to abide by similar penal standart in order to be part of it (ie women rights, discrimination and human rights in general)

  10. Iñigo Portilla says:

    read what I told you to read. It is not. Id give you the URL but youtube wont let me post it on the comments. And it is pretty obvious you are laying since you think you think is legal. Anyone who is reading this just google the info if you are curious and check it out for yourself. Giving up the money and going up to the police is the smartest idea in most cases

  11. Nero Heart says:

    No. You can file a civil suit over anything, but nobody is going to jail for killing an attacker. You're just stupid. I'm not going to quote laws for you to prove it. I'm a criminal justice major, and I've never held back in these situations, nor would I. The second someone threatens my life, their fate is sealed.

  12. Iñigo Portilla says:

    yes there is. its part of the UN and although it is portraiyed by different federal entities in different countries every affiliated country has to have an agency take care of stuff related to human rights. The second part is also true. I might not be using the correct expressions since english isnt my first language but in simple terms anyone can sue you for a counter assault, specially one that ends in murder. Do whtvr you want but I know military personel that told me exactly what Im tellin u

  13. Iñigo Portilla says:

    good lawyers are expensive you know. And yea calling for help is good, but punching the attacker could end on him overpowering you, which isnt goodd. Best idea all together is avoid confrontation except if you are profesionally trained too try this stuff out… and even then its better to avoid confrontation if possible

  14. Iñigo Portilla says:

    he can go to human rights and file sue against you. Thats going to drain a lot more money and time that the 2 twenties on your wallet. If you kill someone for whatever reason and there is just enough evidence to make it seem like you took an advantage in force you WILL go to jail. It varies from one county to another but thats the way it works. Besides you need YEARS of PROFESIONAL training too pull something like that of without having to run to the hospital afterwards…if you can. But whtvr

  15. Nero Heart says:

    Again, you obviously didn't listen to anything in the video. Stop making up arguments that don't make any sense. He had a weapon. You are justified in using deadly force. Read up on criminal law. No DA is going to prosecute someone for beating up a mugger. You really don't know anything about the legal system. Go away.

  16. Iñigo Portilla says:

    tell that to the police when they see you curb stomping the guy. Self defense is only legitimate when you counter with the same force as the asaultant. If you kill him after submision thats a trespass on the use of force and you go to jail… And since the guy is dead you can´t really prove conclusivly that he was an assaultant in most cases. So yea either you end up with a dagger in the guts or a penal. I think the 50 bucks on your wallet and a run to cancel your credit card is worth it

  17. llnpce says:

    Why you just throw the knife away and call for help, or punch the attacker in the face a few times and then run away. This solutions won't get you in jail. Or, everything you need is a good lawyer.

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