Close Quarter Combat Drill

This drill works your flinching response and helps you become more aware on how to block strikes. Your training partner must grasp your hands while trying to …

33 thoughts on “Close Quarter Combat Drill

  1. akumachill says:

    Ain't nobody trying to play patty cake when they're trying to mug me. I'm just going to be walking down the street happily, listening to the Beach Boys (with a big stupid grin on my face), and then wake up in the hospital. Muggers usually run up behind you, sometimes hitting you with a haymaker to the back of the head.

  2. Sig Baconater says:

    One time, I was going to taco bell and some nigger came up and asked me for money, i said no get away nigger he got mad for some reason and I dont know why. he broke my half down window and hit me in the face sad for him because I am a Seal Team 6 member and i pulled out my glock while breaking his arm and shot his nigger head off. but after that john cena arrived and gave me the five knuckle shuffle, i got out of it but he said you cant see me and disappeared. but i have x-ray vision so i capped his ass too just like the nigger. i am now in jail.

  3. Ako Harvey says:

    can you make a video that teaching how to do fist fight or just like basic how to fight maybe like gonna bring them down and where to punch them ……. or how to do a combo to their faces …..basically how to beat someones ass XD

  4. GinsengStrip 2002 says:

    Hi, i've seen your video about not being afraid to getting punched. My problem is I can't get punched because of an eye surgery some time ago. Is there any way to escape a street fight minimalising the chance to be hit? I've been afraid since some time and thinking what would I do now, as I'm not able to really fight back without serious consequences in my health. Don't wanna go blind or something. Of course the first step is avoiding any dangeorus situation… but if shit goes really bad?

  5. Mat Broomfield says:

    Very good Nick – I'm having that! 🙂

    I'm always looking for self defence drills that I can teach. This is reminiscent of Patrick McCarthy's two person flow drills. You might want to check them out.One thing I would change in your drill, is rather than putting a T-shirt grab, I would make it a shove to the chest.

  6. Andrew says:

    Hey Nick,
    Could you do a video explaining how one could repel an attack from the ground?
    After the horrible tragedy that struck in Oregon, we saw that the victims were told to get on the ground, and were then shot systematically. I have not been able to find any videos on how one could do anything to survive this. Could you please make a video or series of videos on how someone may be able to fend off an attacker who is holding them at gunpoint or knifepoint standing up while the victim is face down?

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