Close Quarter Combat & Basic Knife Disarms

CQC & EDGED WEAPON THREATS SEMINAR FEBRUARY 2014 Learning the basics of Close Quarter Combat and Edged Weapon Threats. Students learn …

15 thoughts on “Close Quarter Combat & Basic Knife Disarms

  1. Anthony Quintiliani says:

    If the person is executing multiple short upward stabs and/or feints before committing to an actual upward striking strike: should I respond with multiple short striking blocks or wait defensively for the comited upward thrust?

  2. James Norton says:

    do you drill those knife defense techniques at full speed as well where your attacker is not complying and reacting and moving against you possibly pulling away striking at you whatever he's doing … just saying in a situation on the streets your attacker is going to be going full speed he'll be fighting back and moving chances are your gonna get cut or stabbed thats the reality of facing a knife attacker but still good video

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