Close Combat Training – Basic Instincts When Dealing With A Knife

close combat training videos with top counter-terrorism expert, Vithala Singh (PDR Coach under Tony Blauer). Sign up to …

17 thoughts on “Close Combat Training – Basic Instincts When Dealing With A Knife

  1. funkman70 says:

    For the Gracie "Expert" rob barron or any other style that likes to put down other systems… instead of putting it down try it! if it doesn't work for you than don't use it! Everybody is a freakin expert these days. It's hard to argue that a woman can basically hold this man's weight like that, I studied Muay boran & it has a block called the 45 degree very similar to the outside 90.I personally think Blauer borrowed the technique for his system

  2. Robert DeVito says:

    Is this guy for real? He makes that all sound so easy. Like one is really going to react that way against a knife. I don't know why they have to have these women in men's jobs in the first place. That is the best they can show us?

  3. CXaliendude1CX says:

    whats funny, and i see and hear this a lot, is that if someone within 5 feet of a trained individual tries to pull a gun, theyre either going to lose it and get shot or be put on the ground and lose control of it. a knife is better from that distance, but a trained individual will usually end up plunging it in the attacker's chest or gut. people always underestimate the value of unarmed combat against an armed attacker.

  4. Robert Barron says:

    Yeah right. Tangle with a violent criminal and execute this "safe scenario" of yours and watch what happens to you. He'll kill you and run off with your wallet. Someone attacks me, or my wife, they're dead. End of story.

  5. Robert Barron says:

    I'm a trained expert in Gracie Jiu Jitsu and tactical firearms. I could solve her problem real quick. Pull her gun and shoot the guy with the knife. That's why we have the 2nd Amendment.

  6. Robert Barron says:

    This is stupid. Attackers with a knife don't choreograph what angle their going to slice you with. If this guy studied Jiu Jitsu, like they claim, the girl could easily dismount him a mount escape before he even tries to stab her and she could get away quite easily. Pathetic.

  7. Bill Otinger says:

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  8. callum1131 says:

    @Glinkaism1 yeah…..right anyway. I'm surprised you haven't posted any conspiracy theories on here. Answer my questions troll and stop avoiding them. You brought this on yourself

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