Close Combat Knife Training with Damian Ross and The Self Defense Training System

In this clip Damian Ross of the Self Defense Company shows you one of the many knife and edged weapon training drills taken from Module 9 of The Self …

11 thoughts on “Close Combat Knife Training with Damian Ross and The Self Defense Training System

  1. Matacuz says:

    That's great, against an unarmed(literally), stationary target. Those "fancy" knife swinging people tend to avoid the areas of the body that clench around the blade. It's also interesting that you leave your heart open to someone who may be attacking you with a knife, as that strike to the face won't stop their attack, assuming they are initiating it, not you. Also, your attack is not all that effective at reasonably stopping someone. It's a slow bleed out, you show no emphasis on actually gaining distance or taking your opponent out of the fight.

  2. fx02zbn says:

    Legally no, The actor Darren Day was prosecuted for having one because it is classed as an offensive weapon In England. However, No one as far as I know has ever been killed by one.
    I would carry one because most police would not know what they are but obvioulsly know what a knife is.
    Kubotans are an excellent anti knife tool and well worth training with.
    It is Ironic that Britain probably has the strictest knife laws but a very high rate of knife crime. Especially in London.

  3. fx02zbn says:

    True to a certain extent. But You must question the need and time used practicing with a weapon you do not intend to carry. You would be better off training with metal rods or strong sticks as a knife defence, at least you would not be prosecuted for carrying them. I cannot emphasise enough that here in England, if you are stopped and caught in possesion of a knife you WILL be prosecuted and likely go to jail, even if you are a highly trained martial artist using self defence.

  4. fx02zbn says:

    @KestrelJames Oh dear! If you said this in England they would lock you up and throw away the key! ….Really.
    It is illegal for ANYONE to carry a knife in the UK. And if you said you intended to use it in Self defense….Oh my God!
    If you said your " Training" was watching a man in lycra on Youtube, they would throw you into a mental hospital.
    Not saying I disagree with you about self defence, just saying it's not a good idea to show any Tom, Dick or Harry how to stab someone on Youtube.

  5. fx02zbn says:

    @KestrelJames You think only people who are interested in self defence watch these video's?
    You think street thugs, robbers and assailants dont check this out?

    Your in court, you say, " I stabbed the guy fifteen times in the chest in seven seconds" It's ok though, I saw it on Youtube your Honour," It's part of a self defence system, Didn't you know or are you Ignorant about this instuctors work"?

    A court would not buy your defence, You would never get out of jail buddy.

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