Cloaks used with swords in historical fencing styles

Apologies for the weird background noise, my baby daughter was contributing in her own way.

30 thoughts on “Cloaks used with swords in historical fencing styles

  1. Kaanapu EcoLiteSabers says:

    if the cloak couldnt be removed would it still have a practical usage or would it become a hindrance. i could see it creating a masked silhouette of your body throwing off your opponents accuracy and making it a bit difficult to aim at extremities

  2. Federico Olivares says:

    i live in uruguay (south america) and back in the day, the Gauchos (uruguayan cowboys) would fight with long knives clled facones and they would totally wrap their poncho around their left arm and use that to block/stop/pary the adversary with their arm

  3. Lboy says:

    Good video! I searched this cause I just cam from the Metropolitan museum of arts, there I saw a couple of vases from ancient Greece where they also used their cloak as a shield. They used the dangling down technique like the first you showed. I imagine they used it pretty much the same way, one of them carried a spear though so it may also have been used to catch spear thrusts. Any thoughts on this?

  4. kmal2t says:

    Never knew you had a family till just today and yesterday when I saw videos mentioning a wife and here with a daughter. Ya I'm totally going to be sharpening a sword when my daughter brings a boyfriend home. You should be swinging a sabre and be like, "oh, sorry I didn't see you. I was just practicing my DEADLY WEAPONS TRAINING"

  5. Nikolaus Hofbauer says:

    Hello and greetings from Austria! Can you give me more detailed informations about the earlier examples for using a cloak this way? In which manuscript are these pictures? Especially 13th and early 14th century would be interesting for me. Thanks!

  6. Matrinique says:

    Generally your videos have nice sound and visual quality, and you're a very charismatic and charming individual, but your black cape can hardly be seen against your black outfit. Do keep that in mind when filming with cloth, especially when your lights are a bit dim, or are not set up in a way that favors the subject. Otherwise, cool stuff as usual!

  7. The SuperestDuke says:

    How common or likely was it to be attacked by a predatory animal during these times? Or any time. Anyone who feels like answering, thanks! Seriously curious

    Edit: Any time besides ours, I already know that one

  8. packjim56 says:

    Do you have a video that shows how to hand someone a sword with dramatic flair.  I play an elderly knight in play who hands his magical sword over to a young woman as a reward for her kindness to him; so that she then might go defeat wicked and evil enemies with it.

  9. Sparrowhawk says:

    I've also heard if you find yourself in a nasty confrontation with a dog that wrapping a lot of cloth around your fore-arm (if you have time) is a great way to make yourself a quick spot to go ahead and let the dog attack you, if its going to.

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