Clinch Takedowns AGAINST STRONGER opponents – by UFC Lightweight Jake Matthews

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46 thoughts on “Clinch Takedowns AGAINST STRONGER opponents – by UFC Lightweight Jake Matthews

  1. Darren says:

    Not sure how this helps vs stronger opponents, I'm grappling with a guy who is about 3" taller than me and stronger than me, there is no way I could lift him like that from the back, he's too heavy.

  2. abdallah tarek says:

    I was wrestling my friend, I told him no punches in the face… he punched me in my eyes, I was so angry I beat him up till there was blood then I came to my senses and told him I'm sorry… Don't worry we're still good friends

  3. Sam T. says:

    How about a basic spiral ride from standing front standing back to knock him down why do you insist on lifting up a larger opponent there's no need. Your throw by and duck under techniques are way out of date by the way. Always use an inside tie or elbow control for a duck under. You also didn't mention the need for closing the space with your feet on the throw by. You don't just throw him by and pull him to you with your collar tie arm. You have to take a step in and close the distance between his armpit and your chest. If you disagree ask any Division 1 wrestler or coach to confirm what I said. By the way I'm not saying these are totally ineffective, just that your Technique is lacking and your style is out of date. The lady in the link below teaches it correctly.

  4. abc def says:

    make sure you can pummel and hand fight over and under hooks.
    same pummel and hand fight collar ties
    learn muay thai long guard and heavy snap down.
    learn * by pass get behind * -i keep my hand on my chest and push up same as instructor.

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