Cliff Booth Kills Hippies | Once Upon A Time In Hollywood



Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019) Scene: Cliff Booth Kills Hippies (Manson Family)

28 thoughts on “Cliff Booth Kills Hippies | Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

  1. crazypolite says:

    Just watched this last night for the first time and wow what a movie. Classic Tarantino. EPIC. "Something dumber, like Rex.." / "SHOOT HIM TEX!" – "Tex!" – giddyup to the dog and I started losing my shit I was like "FUCK YEAH!!!". Legit expected a tragic ending like the truth of it, but couldn't have been more pleasently surprised.

  2. Alexander Garcia says:

    Those dumb kids shoulda really thought this through before they got high although it was satisfying to watch. On another note that’s one well trained pitbull instantly listening to hand signals and clicking sounds, personally that’s an even worse home defense system than a gun or a knife.

  3. M. K. says:

    It still cracks me up how through all this carnage, Rick is just floating outside in the pool, vibing deep to a 60s tune without a care in the world lol

  4. Jon Ericson says:

    What happens when you're a Unarmed build in Fallout and you have Dogmeat as your companion. And you're high on Jet and Buffout. Also I forget, why didn't he mention Rick outside? Just trying to protect him I guess?

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