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christopher ricketts, edgra sulite “For further information on classes, seminars or private instruction, please contact or …

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  1. Alex Ercia says:

    Kastushrironin, they are practicing hand sparring. It is from the concept of Defanging the snake. By hitting the weapon hand the opponent will not be able to harm you. Like taking away the fangs of a snake. It is only target practice for accuracy. One step in a progression of full body sparring. Hope this helps.

  2. NMCK69 says:

    Simple, direct, economic, intelligent…even at play, these masters have boiled away all of the inessentials and effortlessly call on only the necessary and the deadly.

  3. Laurie Hupeda says:

    Has anyone noticed tophers wide stance? I kno it works for him as his own expression of ilustrisimo but does the style teach with a wide stance? I'm sort of learning some ilustrisimo from my trainer buh he has spent more time with inosanto style but that's his second art.

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