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12 thoughts on “Chris Reeve Pacific Combat Knife Review | OsoGrandeKnives

  1. I Donged Her says:

    They overpriced I like the knife it’s honestly to me the coolest looking knife but cmon you can kabars for 70 or so the turok is a great knife I would chose that knife over this if it was the same price don’t care fight me

  2. Rob Chesley says:

    Man I'm surprised to see knife guys giving such good reviews. My friends Green Beret broke in half with fairly simple work. Then I saw a knife review where another Green Beret also broke easily. The same reviewers tested the hollow blade Chris reeve an it snapped as well… I went with Busse..

  3. Erebus says:

    What would you recommend more the green beret or the pacific I've been wanting a pacific for the style it looks beautiful and we'll balanced but mabey a little small so far my favorite knife that covers everything I'm looking for is the kabar becker bk7..

  4. Oso Grande says:

    I Haven't field tested the Chris Reeve Pacific but I do have a Chris Reeve Green Beret knife that I've had for over a decade and I've put it to the test. The toughest being cutting around the circumference of steel belted radial tires of a semi truck. The edge was slightly rolled but I got it back to a hair shaving edge with a few strokes on my diamond benchstone.

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