Chris Kimball: "The Science of Good Cooking" | Talks at Google



Chris Kimball stopped by the Googleplex for a discussion of his latest book, “The Science of Good Cooking.”

7 thoughts on “Chris Kimball: "The Science of Good Cooking" | Talks at Google

  1. SeikiBrian says:

    I was shocked to learn that Mr. Kimball and the suits at parent company Boston Common Press couldn't come to an agreement on his compensation. Episodes of the TV programs that have already been taped will still be shown, but very shortly we won't be seeing him anymore. It makes me sad to see the end of an era. Read the news release here:

  2. Beth Sontag says:

    Yay Chris! Loved the whole thing but the last comment about the dry white meat turkey and why god invented gravy are words to live by. My favorite part of a turkey dinner which we have at least four times a year.

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