ChosunNinja / Nintaijutsu knife defense

ChosunNinja’s views on knife defense, and therefore the Nintaijutsu approach, is archaic and hopelessly outdated. To follow that path is quite hazardous.

30 thoughts on “ChosunNinja / Nintaijutsu knife defense

  1. Grandmaster Vawser says:

    So what your saying is you can either get severely stabbed in the intestine or would you get a cut that stings but isn't deadly personnaly i think i made it obvious which one i chose reply and tell me which one you'd choose in a street fight (No Running Away)

  2. Jésus christ says:

    what i do in real street confrontation, answer str8 in their mouth, you think you master of slaves? piss off i will not obey, you can exploding but you can only piss off. i will never obey

  3. BRAVO CHARLIE says:

    Sadly, these knife and gun disarm techniques are a standard in most studios…this is not just an isolated incident you are addressing.
    I doubt that most will establish a real to life situation like the one with Torin Hill you spliced in to the video.
    Tool fixation is taught the world over, so let us not focus solely on one instructors misconduct.

  4. Mr.Bombastic says:

    Even though that seems right, it really isn't. Because if you think about it you CAN block a knife. I've been in a fight with a knife ( not a real one ) and I would take hits. Still, I could disarm the opponent. He was slashing from any direction as if he wasn't thinking. When his arm was away from me, I would push forward and grab his wrist then twist it. That's how easy it is, so I wouldn't take advice from you.

  5. D Patrick says:

    the technique of Chosun is vastly different then the parodied moves of Pauls demonstrator. The fact is that people say moves won't work because they are not foolproof or it would take to long to train. Or like Paul they claim them simply impossible. Nothing is foolproof, knives are dangerous. Techniques are actually quite easy, doing them in combat while the other person is trying to trick you is hard. You knew the job was dangerous when you took it Fred. People have been fighting for knives for THOUSANDS of years. The martial arts that survived are what actually works. It takes guts and great skill, and you will still get cut so don't act maco

  6. labrinthCh says:

    Totaly right in the Video but people how try to rob you with a knife are to 95% NO knife-fighters and if you learn how to block the right way you probably wont get cut because to every block belongs a counterattack and after this the opponent HAS to be DOWN. Krav Maga does this very well.

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