Chosun Ninja – Knife Fighting Intro

August 05, 2007.

14 thoughts on “Chosun Ninja – Knife Fighting Intro

  1. dosdadio siapa says:

    many of the comments here just plain stupidity. there are no absolute way to use a knife. If what he show and say is different from what you learned then compare it and try to use it to learn its practicability if it works. To me it works. the reverse grip or the usual grip, slash or jam it on the incoming thrusting hand. I can imagine what will happen to the arm that will collide with sharp blade edge of a blade.

  2. 김봄 says:

    외국에 사는거 같은데 조선닌자라는 제목이 영 아닌데요… 꼭 닌자를 붙여야 외국인들이 알아볼수 있나요 다른 단어는 없는지…

  3. kebekske says:

    This is horrible advice, always step outside the knife….Bring the knife inwards so you can strike, wtf is this? Use the same method used with guns, clear the firing line, wtf is this crap? This will get someone killed!

    I did my jinenkan togakure ryu…we were always taught to bring the weapon inwards..what kind of false ninjitsu is this? I have done sword fighting, dagger fighting and unarmed vs armed fighting. You never do this kind of insane stuff.

  4. Myrtle Sine says:

    Rocky;here Mr. Chosun I realy like your videos, and I aprecate your instructions I just wanted to say the haters be hating but you be helping. Please remember that I am on your side and when the going gets rough somebody cares somebody cares big time!!! Rocky out!

  5. zackeryzackery says:

    Carlomar….I hope people realize the instructor is showing one knife fighting scenario…not how ALL knife fights happen. It's just a demo of a right handed rear stab attack and retaliation by a rear knife holding defender. There are numerous variations that this guy and other martial instructors could demo.

  6. Dontbeweakvato says:

    Great videos! Continue showing your knowledge. I boxed for 7 years and some of our techniques and training were "unorthodox ”, it wasn't just for the ring type of stuff. I have always wanted to trained very intensely in other physical arts. It's enlightening…. what it does to your mind. Keep talking, people are listening you just don't see them.

  7. Calomarde Arnold Archie says:

    I saw a real knife fighting.. and they easily pointing the knives, not stabing.. after they pointing they run quickly, then do it again.. until some got ill and did not seen the coming blade.. so the fight was over when someone got bleeding.. 

    And this techniques are very useful.. 🙂

    And i wish i could train with you.. What's your name sensei? 🙂

  8. Syndicate says:

    Hey chosen ninja keep up the good work Man U r inspirational i have been supportive to both channels as much as I can I ask one thing from u can u make a video on how to find inner peace cause I am curious about that

  9. Carlomar Solmiano says:

    Sorry bro im saying this out of respect your gna get your students killed in real life situations… What ever blade touch it cuts… What i have seen here is not very realistic.. Blade is wild and unpredictable… Blade dont go on one direction but multiple.. How i know? Meet my teachers who actually been to fight to the death situations… Scars shows brother… I respect you but i cant let this pass… Sorry

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