5 thoughts on “Chosun Ninja – Knife Fighting Best Way 6

  1. Michael McQueen says:

    When I see this kind of work taught, it's not described as doing a set technique like that.

    You see something move and you cut it any way you can. Plain and simple.

    This kind of work as an orderly checklist with specific types of attacks to look for will more likely than not result in you in shock and bleeding out.

    To be honest, I'd say that anytime someone talking about ANY strategies for protecting yourself in a confrontation says, "when they come in this way, you…" (or anything that follows the formula of "when they do [specific action here], you…" for that matter!), it makes it pretty clear that they don't understand what they're teaching.

  2. scareypoppins says:

    this is such dangerous advice. That knife is in a perfect position to be pulled back on the inside of the elbow. Knife defence is a very very dodgy thing to be teaching if you don't know what you're doing. Please make sure on every knife/weapon defence video you make to give this advice: Never engage someone who has a weapon unless you have absolutely no choice. Get out of there, co operate, put as much distance as you can between yourself and the attacker.
    Any responsible instructor will tell you this at the start of every class and repeat it to make sure the message sinks in.

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