Choosing The Best Home Defense Weapon (Besides Guns)



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33 thoughts on “Choosing The Best Home Defense Weapon (Besides Guns)

  1. Jackson Graydon says:

    I have a Beefeater London dry gin bottle (heavy square glass bottle) as a lampstand right by my bed, that's the closest thing I would use if I couldn't get to my guns not too much farther away

  2. Joe L says:

    Right next to me are nunchaku, and a baseball bat and across the room is a putter.
    In my bedroom there's this little hardwood hatchet thing that islanders use to chop coconuts off the tree. And there's a knife.

  3. gim e hed 2134 says:

    Im from the uk we dont hav guns here they r illegal the only ppl that hav them r farmers and like army i think thats why knife crime is so high in England and iv got a metal baseball bat but its like half the size of dat 1 it works well

  4. William Burnett says:

    It appears to me that the most important self defense weapon in your arsenal is time. Time to get your weapon. Time to flee. Mudrooms or vestibules require an individual to go through 2 doors for entry. Limited lines of sight can be achieved through furniture or remodeling. Call it self defense feng shui. Thoughts?

  5. nick austin says:

    Bladed stuff is great. Spears and swords were favored by most ancient cultures. Spear main sword secondary. But that is all obsolete now. Best thing is secure your doors so they cant be kicked in

  6. TheRatkilla says:

    I like a lot of your stuff, but this is a miss. Knives are a viable weapon. They're a go-to for inmates, who probably know more about self-protection than most martial arts experts…

  7. DimMak73 says:

    Hey great video, I like your perspective. I do disagree on one part though. I have actually been stabbed. you are much more likely to die by a knife than a pot or a bat. it’s one of the main reasons why edge weapons have been around for so long and are still used today. Handguns and rifles are great but if the person is really close to you it’s very hard unless you are trained especially in a state of panic. once you start getting stabbed and cut you’re gonna forget about that gun and start trying to defend yourself from the knife. Also every time you’re cut or Stabbed it creates difficulties of movement because of the damage tissue. John From the warrior poet channel has a video specifically on that topic. He had to defend himself from a person with a rubber knife. most of the time he couldn’t even draw his pistol. it’s pretty intriguing check it out. Still though great content. I’m at forward to seeing more.

  8. madmike1 says:

    I am in the UK, so I would use my airsoft gun, its a ww2 Thompson, so I can first bluff it's a reactivated gun, if that don't work and I get charged I will blast full auto in their face hoping to hit the eyes they might be blind but they are invading my home. If I don't get the face I will just use the gun as a weapon, would lean on my thai boxing abit.

    But bare in mind that in the UK you probably won't have to face a gun and our self defense laws are not the same. So if you want to be deadly just grab a knife or a real weapon, but you have to explain yourself after.

  9. nz muzz says:

    I see online some folks high on drugs just smash in and try to enter any home at night. Now these dudes are super aggressive and don't feel pain… just won't go down..! Have no gun in our country to shoot legs so …What's the answer here?… fight for your life !

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