Chisau/Push Hands with a Knife!!?? Disarms Included! Luke Holloway @Raw Combat Sweden

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12 thoughts on “Chisau/Push Hands with a Knife!!?? Disarms Included! Luke Holloway @Raw Combat Sweden

  1. Richard Luntz says:

    OK -I watchede this twice more-sense I am instructing students in knife stab defense-please advise if this drilll helps -i have 2 police officers and we drill in repeated straight stabs-how does this assist- thanks oldsgtmajusmc

  2. FanatikosKafetzis says:


    Thanks! 🙂

    Yes I understand what you mean. But I meant to kick the knife attacker as a counter to his own attack with his knife. Not to take myself the initiative. By the way, I love your videos, good work…

  3. Raw Combat International - Official says:

    @TeamWuJin I haven't put up alot of my simulation (although some footage is here) I put up broken down 'techniques'/drills so people can see the essence of it.. Why do I wana look like every other APE out there… kids can learn that in 6months.. that's why these 'Reality based systems' have become big, realistically they are just well market MMA.. Anyways mate, when you post footage of your next international seminar just let me know ay 😉 Cheers

  4. jugerknott09 says:

    You have a good concept but your doing way to much. the point is to disarm not make sensitivity drills. Keep it short and simple anything else will get you killed no more chi sau in your exercises unless it is empty hand. Try speeding up your attack as well, another option for a more realistic scenario with knife combative defence put red ink on the blade and see how many times you actually get marked up.

  5. Richard Luntz says:

    good drill -my question though your other vidios show more quick direct knife defense by bloking and striking- what is the value of this drill-it seems like one more to learn instead of concentrating on lie saving mehtods-JMHO oldsgtmajusmc

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