Chinese Schoolgirls Get Trained in Knife Fighting

Chinese schoolgirls at one middle school are being handed knives and taught how to use them. The education in laceration is a response to a serious rise in …

21 thoughts on “Chinese Schoolgirls Get Trained in Knife Fighting

  1. WhiteTail Newakis says:

    awww i would not worry bout plus how big china army is they want stab people tell they getting knife trainning probably from a service vet too that trainning them well tell them girls go into the sevices if they want stab anyone at least in the sevices you can get away with it go fight for your country. if i was in china i would like my girls to take knife trainning and go in to tge sevices after there schooling but make sure you use your trainning in the right way not get ignorant with it. just some advice i bet your parents would be proud of you if you go in to the army for china i always been wanting to move to china so my kids could learn in the china army. i think it would be cool. china does have tge biggest army

  2. kde439 says:

    How stupid to ban a common tool.. Wait this sounds like liberals "take away Guns" agenda gone crazy. Yes train the girls, train them to protect themselves. No one attacks where people are armed. Liberals wake the Hell up!

  3. D Murphy says:

    They could just do what some American schools are doing regarding mass shootings by providing students with bullet proof clothing. I'm sure a knife proof vest would be much easier to wear too.

  4. nickyiil says:

    Perfectly sensible way of going about it. After all its a little difficult to decide to attack someone if you know they will fight back.
    KInda like when all Americans had guns , and new how to use them. Before The black communist regime now in power took them away from them.LMFAO

  5. Fungamerplays says:

    Damn luckily there's no western country where someone would bring up a solution like this. I mean Imagine your country had a gun violence problem and you'd suggest that only more guns can resolve that issue…

  6. Flora I says:

    Are you kids in me? I lived in China for 23 years, never heard/saw someone "knife training" school girls. Your videos are extremely untrustworthy and they are definitely not based on the facts. Fake. I don't know why you hold such agony towards China, Chinese government and Chinese people, but your videos are very inappropriate and most of them are fake.

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