8 thoughts on “Chinese Military Combat Taking Knife Skills

  1. Robert Lithgow says:

    At roughly thirteen minutes in, there is a double arm downward block. Shot okay katas like Hein Godan, Kanku Dai, etc. include this block, but the function/purpose/application/explanation for the block always seemed flimsy. I've got a background in Kali knife work too, but never saw anyone teach this sort of block, just Karate. A lightbulb went off while I was watching this–this Chinese martial arts application for the same movement/technique is a lot more satisfying to me.

  2. Iwannastayanonymous says:

    Does this guy has some troubles with speaking? I see he is using alot of air to speak out simple words… Why like this ? Because he is military guy and trying to speak like giving orders or is it normal to speak like that ?

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