Chinese Kung Fu VS Filipino Kali | Street Fight | The Winner Is…



Chinese Kung Fu VS Filipino Kali | Street Fighting. Is #kungfu or #kali the superior #martialart or #martialarts style??? Tell us in the comments below!

27 thoughts on “Chinese Kung Fu VS Filipino Kali | Street Fight | The Winner Is…

  1. NoObskie Derpy says:

    I almost injured someone with kali but the guy is lucky that i control my speed and rage before it hits his face with my elbow, he would be in the hospital for 3 days or maybe a week. I didn't know i was using kali when i fought the guy, instinct just took over and read his every attack.

  2. Banzee TV says:

    Kali is effective because it is always evolving that is why there is no single standard form/system of kali. It varies depending where or what family/clan/school.

    That being said Kung fu is not necessarily useless. Team Lakay is a group here in the Philippines that produced MMA champions in OneFC and their base art is WUSHU. Their striking are very effective but at the beginning they have problems with grappling. They then started incorporating grappling techniques which paved way to producing several champions. Again, the key is evolving and depends pn thr practitioner.

  3. Keith Littlebury says:

    Great video guys. I've done some karate and kung fu before but never Kali. I wouldn't like to say which one is best but the Kali kicks seem low quick and natural whereas spinning kicks need a lot of technique practise

  4. RED SO RED says:

    My eyes hurt watching these two the they move is awful seen some Chinese kung fu masters and Filipino kali masters even in a spar their movements are fluid and smooth not his clunky shit they been doing better stop you guys are just playing make believe

  5. yussuq madiq says:

    Let's be honest here. Tai chi is more for health purposes and not for combat. The only combat kung fu is Sanda. Kali is definitely for combat, as utilized by different military and police units around the world.

  6. J Andrade says:

    While Kung fu is a very effective and powerful martial art ( not so sure look at the shaolin monks training , deadly efficient) . Kali is in my opinion one of the best out there . Used in Special Forces training. It is lethal in all aspects. A very powerful system . With devastating results.

  7. VW D says:

    Thanks for this demo and comparison. Props to Jake for also dismantling the take downs from another angle – only a few MA enthusiasts here in YT are that considerate. This was quite insightful. I also got interested in kali because of how it was used in a Japanese TV series starring Junichi Okada. I was aware of how kali was similar to krav maga and silat but I never thought to really compare it against traditional Chinese martial arts. Well, this clip has me convinced that kali's natural flexibility has an edge over the Chinese martial arts techniques used in this clip. I am, however, also interested to see how kali stacks up against bajiquan or even wing chun. I'll drop by Paul's channel next.

  8. Mr. BTM says:

    Kali Majapahit is a native Indonesian martial art and Majapahit is an Indonesian origin that stands on the island of Java and Majapahit is the largest kingdom in Indonesia at its time because Majapahit once ruled Southeast Asia and one of them was the Philippines.

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