Cheap Throwing Knives and Shuriken Compared to High Quality Designs and Types

Thrand compares cheap mass produced Shuriken (Throwing Stars and spikes) and Throwing knives to high quality well/hand made designs.He test them on pig …

31 thoughts on “Cheap Throwing Knives and Shuriken Compared to High Quality Designs and Types

  1. Alan Guo says:

    I'll be honest, at first I didn't quite like your videos, but after watching this video in full, I have all the respect for you. I love how you are so honest and realistic in your videos. Your tests actually feel legitimate and truthful instead of what large YouTube channels do these days where they test a weapon and butter up the results just for views. Your videos are definitely something you should be very proud of! Thanks for the great video!

  2. Damien Rotter says:

    this is what I wanted to see.. the Star shaped shuriken. I think with longer blades.. it could do real damage.. thanks! any further reference in the star based would be greatly appreciated.. not the spikes

  3. treant deu says:

    Here is a video on how to properly throw a kunai. i find this easier with the ones with the big ring even thow it take a lot of repetition to do it with power, although from a distance its really hard(which is why i wish i had a better vid):
    I think the reason for this underhand technique, and I'm only speculating since I don't have evidence, but I can imagine that because this was uses a digging tool, there would be less movement from a sitting position to an underhand throw than trying to pick it up over your shoulder and throw that way. more surprise perhaps? this video isn't the best but my buddy can get the going fast underhand. similar to your throws.
    second video for distance and with a rope:
    anyway you are really good at throwing. kunai are just weird. you should try doing tests with a rope dart. and if you could get your hands on something similar, the urumi, or "whip sword" i would really love to know if those are effective in combat. against armor and shields, polearms, flesh, etc. those things look so impractical. whipping around sharp metal:

  4. treant deu says:

    great video, i was curious what your opinion would be of these "throwing needles" i basically really thin needle shuriken. they are well know in pop culture as a common ninja tool from Naruto called senbon. (I'm at college so i don't have a picture of mine) i actually made some some long nails and a grinder. they are fun. but hard to use. especially cause they have 2 points but are inredily easy to conceal a crap ton on your person. and you an throw multiple.
     also my ninja stars look like this (I'm at college so i don't have a picture): they are actually kind heavy for their size. the thunk into trees pretty good. but still only nitrate to the blade length.
    these are really the only "weapons" i own other than a few hunting and pocket knives.

  5. elgostine says:

    hey thrand, one factor ive been told about wounds and penetration is actually shock, some people when hit, even with a small tiny wound will go white with shock and just drop, so perhaps the effectiveless isnt just measured in its aboility to kill outright or bleed out?

  6. TheHelleri says:

    The best cheapo throwing knives I ever had were black widows. I had two sets at two different times. The first had 12 knives in it (about 8-9 inches long each) and cost about $15. The second set I had came with 6 knives at 5-6 inch length (but same shape as the big ones) and was about $6.

    I used to be really into throwing knives (At one point I was practicing for hours a day). So I had bought a few more expensive throwers. Thrown a lot of kitchen knives. And, had bought dozens of cheapo sets….For the price (under $20 at the time) Black Widows seemed to work the best for me.

  7. GlueC says:

    I never had an interest in this stuff before.  I'm not sure how I came across your videos, but you do an awesome job explaining.  This and the shield reply video are the best.  Keep up the good work.
    — Some internet commentor

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