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20 thoughts on “CHARLIZE THERON Fight Training for ATOMIC BLONDE (2017)

  1. Ying Yu says:

    she is good, i can feel the effort she put on this action. But in reality, that is not possible for a woman to fight a man light that. woman's body nature cannot take such impact.

  2. Nameless says:

    I feel like this movie aimed to have their martial arts scenes be a bit more "realistic" while movies like john wick want their martial arts to look good (which both movie do)

  3. Peter Cohen says:

    Charlize Theron is Effing awesome, not just for being the hottest woman on the planet, not just for being an absolutely fantastic actress, but for having the balls and the skill and the work ethic to do this level of stunt work. And 87Eleven is Effing awesome for bringing this sort of film making back (more like forward). Actually being able to see the action competently performed is VASTLY more satisfying for the audience than a bunch of shaky cam fast cut nonsense, which is as boring as gratuitous sex scenes are to a pornographer.

  4. Aparecido Ramos says:

    Charlize Theron é disparada a atriz mais marcante de Hollywood na atualidade e sem dúvida nenhuma uma das melhores de todos os tempos da academia , é muito talento , beleza e charme nas telonas a presença dessa sul-africana , Charlize há muito tempo reina nas telonas com suas atuações impecáveis e com sua beleza extraordinária .

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