Chain Whip – Amazing

Chain Whip. Check out these techniques, moves, spins, and shoot of the Traditional 9 Section Steel Supreme Chain Whip from Chinese Kung Fu. This Gong Fu …

36 thoughts on “Chain Whip – Amazing

  1. Guard Dog says:

    I don't why so many people are taking a shit on this. I mean as far as melee weapons go this thing is pretty fucking impractical but it does look kind of cool.

    As far as this guy is concerned, dude looks like he knows about TaiChi and maybe a tiny bit of Kung Fu; nowhere as far as I see online does he claim to be a trained black belt from a respectable dojo. So as long as he isn't lying about it why shit on him honestly. If people want to learn theory on martial arts from a business oriented enthusiast why not?

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