CFS Libre Knife



This is just a small taste of Comprehensive Fighting Systems’ Libre Knife Fighting. Comprehensive Fighting Systems is an amalgamation of core principles, …

5 thoughts on “CFS Libre Knife

  1. MrBigdaddy8 says:

    I prefer fixed blades hands down any day of the week but in a lot of places they arent legal to carry. I think under the stress of someone actively trying 2 kill you with a knife it will be difficult if not impossible 2 access AND open your folder. I practice it and can do it quickly….in practice. In a life or death situation I cant be sure and I pray I never have 2 find out.

  2. CompFightSyst says:

    I am a big fan of Cold Steel myself. I usually carry a medium-sized Hold Out, but I prefer fixed blades whenever possible. Thanks for the comments. I will post some empty-hand videos soon.

  3. MrBigdaddy8 says:

    Pretty gruesome stuff. you are dangerous with a knife that is 4 sure. What knives do you carry for personal defense. I like most of the folders from cold steel. I think for durability and price they are hard to beat. Same goes for their fixed blades and throwers but thats a whole different Really good video though.

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