CCW in the Military

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45 thoughts on “CCW in the Military

  1. pvillaluna1 says:

    I am not LE or MILITARY, as a citizen listening to this my first reaction was shock and disbelief, my next reaction was being pissed off! You guys are MARINES! You should be armed to the Max!

  2. darth nader says:

    Worlds biggest secret….  Military bases during peace time are soft targets.   MP and SP are lightly armed with very few rounds.  Weapons are present but tightly controlled.  You could start get a base and start killing soldier it would 30 – 40 minute  to get a M-16 out of a arms rooms.  You'd have to do on sat or sunday.  It happen in Ft. Bragg.  In Ft. Hood it was civilian police that stopped it.  Our civilian police have better access to weapons then our military.   However…. in the eyes of president and congress our military member are  idiots to used a fodder.

  3. BaronGlacius says:

    I have 3 deployments and in neither of them were we able to walk around the COS/FOB with magazines in our weapons and heaven forbid they have rounds in the mags. To this day the logic defies me.

  4. Ed Kramer says:

    Mr. birdzell it would be cool if you would talk about your experience's in the marine spec ops community. Particularly the training required to become a member of that community ie passing in doc, tips and experiences, mindset, things of that nature. and then of course i would love to hear everything else if you so choose. Im joining soon first marine infantry, then after putting time in there I want to do recon. BTW love the channel, keep the great content coming. I really liked your videos about the NRA. either way hope nothing but the best for you. :  )

  5. CrystalHunter1989 says:

    The samurai would take their swords to the privy with them…in peace time. Given the number of murders of US and other allied nations' soldiers, AND the presence of terrorist training camps inside our own borders, we have no excuses to make our boys and girls easier targets.

  6. mjwild42324 says:

    USAF is really anti-gun even in my career field, Security Force, who carry guns every days! It is absolutely crazy but talking to our Top Cop he seems open to changes at least for our Security Forces members. As i don't agree with this mentality is it not a step in the right direction to allow all the cops to carry off duty. I have a Memo addressing this in the USAF mentality  and why this would be a step in the right direction. You must win a few battles before you win the war. 6 Active Duty AFB are allowing LEOSA carrying on bases now. Not where we should be but it again is the right direction of mentality.

  7. michael horn says:

    You're trying to make sense of something that inherently can't make sense. If it could possibly endanger their career in any scenario regardless of how unlikely, or comes off in some politically unfavorable light, they simply won't do it. They don't actually care about soldier safety, they care about making it seem like they do hence the hour long weekend safety briefs without rhyme or reason.

  8. Kevin Doherty says:

    I feel like a lot of guys would just adopt James Yeager's opinion on colleges not allowing students to carry on campus in regards to this issue. As long as you don't tell anyone you're carrying, who's gonna know? Not to be sexist but I wonder how many male Colonels turn down requests similar to the one from your unit.

  9. Shane K says:

    It's seems simple to me, that type of antigun, pro big government, suck up, kiss a$$, college liberally indoctrinated, rich family, pro class system, your all peons, type person is who gets promoted fastest in officer rank jobs. They don't want anyone except MPs (who they control) to be armed because they know they treat people like crap and they might get "fragged". Enough jerk officers got fragged in Vietnam that they started taking most weapons away from the soldiers when they came in from missions. Those guys and a lot of REMFs got killed while on base duty by hit and run VC and they couldn't even fight back. It's ok though, the officers were usually safe from US soldiers. It got even worse in 92

  10. WallyMer06 says:

    I could be wrong, but what from what I've read it was under GHW Bush that this DOD policy took place to disarm military personnel. Irony = The Armed Services being not so armed…Let me say this though, and Billy or anyone please feel free to counter this, we as military personnel/combat veterans have become our own worst enemy in recent times. With so many suicides and mental health issues rampant amongst the services, as well as so much funding spent on suicide prevention briefs/ programs and sexual assault and rape prevention, (which inevitably does nothing in the end) does it not give those liberal minded anti-gun policy makers/ officers justification to maintain the ban on personal firearms or issued weapons in general in DOD establishments? By no means am I bashing anyone with real mental health issues or the various forms of PTSD related to the GWOT, I'm simply implying that while we door kickers who maintain the profession of arms have so many that do receive mental help ( as well as many in other non combat jobs) it just adds fuel to the fire that we should not be allowed to carry personal weapons. I for one am all for it, hell I'd love to be able to go to the arms room and draw a M9 each day or if nothing else let E-5 and higher do so if maturity is in question. Just thinking out loud here.

  11. Anthony C says:

    I don't think I have ever watched a video with 0 dislikes….and this video should be the one that has none….I agree 100% with everything you have said…it's crazy what goes on….people need to stop being afraid of a gun! Be afraid of the crazy people!

  12. airborneshodan says:

    There is also a budgetary aspect to the decision calculus. Base's security forces are using the "suddenly" discovered increased risk to justify more resources, when even releasing the weapons in the armory to qualified SAS would be a quick and easy solution to eliminate these gun free terrorist kill zones. How a few years of peacetime causes amenisia of ten years of combat experience. I couldn't go to the bathroom without my weapon for four years of combat time and now I can't bring my CCW on post in my own country. I praise the Governor's who have empowered our SAS.

  13. carbonking53 says:

    "Proven decision makers" kick doors and kick ass, while the military brass and politicians kiss ass.

    It is an absolute insult and disgrace that our military service members are left as defenseless soft targets while on American soil.

  14. Harbormaster North Shore says:

    I am retired from the U.S. Army , Worked as a L.E.O and now work as a civilian for the DoD at a U.S. Navy base. I have a  home state and Utah c.c. permit and far more firearms training than the average person. Yet every day when I go to work I am forced to secure my c.c. weapon off base before I go into work. The only thing I have for protection at work is an active shooter response poster. WOW do I feel safe.

  15. WickedSensation says:

    You hit the nail on the head. I can't speak for the Marines but I sure can talk about the Army. I'm 6 months from retirement and the infiltration of the Liberal ideals in the so called "Leadership" is almost complete. The amount of stupidity is mind blowing. The officers and Senior NCOs have completely lost any courage to stand up against anything that doesn't revolve around Diversity, Multiculturalism and the illusion of Equality. It's sickens me that I can lead a platoon into Combat be responsible for millions in equipment and I can't take a 4 day weekend without some boot licker inspecting the tires on my band new vehicle. I CCW everywhere and anywhere I'm not in uniform. I used to carry a lot when I was younger (in uniform) but if was a different Army back in the early 90s. I live on post I don't disarm myself just to go to the PX or shopette. I've always felt they can judge me after I keep myself and family safe. The Government needs to wake up and remember we are still at War and act accordingly. Shit the damn chief of staff himself said he didn't trust us to CCW on post. It's a joke and I'm not laughing. We have been failed, forgotten, used and abused. To top it off DHS believes were a bigger threat to them then ISIS.

  16. Leisure Ops says:

    I understand your perspective and agree – for the most part. I know what you mean about the pizza-box Colonel, as well. Anytime I went to the pistol range in Okinawa, even as a non-nco (my MOS rated it), I was BLOWN AWAY to see that many of my leaders (SNCO/Officers) struggled with marksmanship. I too had never fired a pistol prior to joining the Marine Corps and, in fact, received absolutely no instruction prior to going to the range my first time, it was just "You're going to the pistol range next week", to which I replied, "Good to go, Sir". I shot expert every time- like you said: "I dunno how you can even do that" (in regards to shooting marksman w/ the Beretta); it's not rocket science! Keep in mind, THESE WERE MARINES. I can't begin to imagine what the Army, Navy, & AF quals look like. 

    All of that being said, I WOULD like to see CCW authorized, however I would like to see the military/DoD expand their CCW training past the currently authorized MOS's. The USMC is a fighting branch, with values, training, and ethos based in "warrior culture", the other branches (though many fight), generally are not. I would HATE to see an under-trained service member from ANY branch, full of false confidence, get themselves killed simply because the base commander authorized their CCW. 

    WORST case scenario, and I hate to say this, but I'd carry anyway. If there is genuinely an elevated threat level, and a situation is not being addressed because of "red tape", I would carry and just not tell ANYONE. "Better to have and not need than need and not have".      Stay safe!

  17. David Dale says:

    Absolutely right!  So no feathers are ruffled, each state has a minimum standard to be met for annual LEO qualification.  In Florida the standard is the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Form CJSTC-86A.  If any service member meets the standard he/she should be allowed to carry concealed anywhere within the borders of that state.  Heck, I bet we come come up with a national standard that meets all states minimum requirement.

  18. Papa Bravo says:

    In bootcamp I qualed rifle expert on a day that as soon as we finished our live fire session was declared a black flag day, and the wind was blowing hard enough to kick up dust devils out at Pendleton.  How a person who had already had to qual 20-30 times could possibly shoot pizza box is beyond me.  I guess they just gave up after having to do it so many times.  That's the only logical answer if they continued to be promoted to nearly flag rank.

    I agree that our service men and women should be able to carry concealed on base and off, though lets hope they don't fall back to the NRA standards as a baseline for it.  We used to have to check our personal firearms into the company armory within an hour of returning to base and to get authorization to check them out to take them off of base in order to shoot…even though we shot our issued weapons at the base range.  Go figure.  The military stance on personal firearms for service members is completely retarded.  Its as if a liberal came up with the rules.

    Semper Fi

  19. jonathan retzsch says:

    Congress should replace the part in the NDAA that says the govt can imprison or assassinate some one (including American citizens) without trial or due process with a provision that lets service members conceal carry just as cops are able to off duty without a cwp. That would be too common sense and constitutional though for these tags in Washington, D.C.

  20. Taidana Kalashnikov says:

    I was in the Marines from 2006-2010, and you literally said everything I said when I was in.  I never understood how they can trust us to carry machine guns and hand grenades one day then tell us we cannot be trusted with a holstered pistol when we are home.  Blew my mind.

  21. kyle says:

    Im currently a Marine Corps recruiter in VA. I understand the difference between being allowed to do something and being able to do something. This includes COW in uniform. As do my fellow recruiters within my area.

  22. Chance Carlton says:

    As liberty minded as I am, we had some problem children. The NCO's know who they are and could sign an authorization to carry chit. Uniformed military off base definitely need to be able to carry.

  23. steve USMC NO TOLERANCE says:

    Chesty? What will it take for the leaders of the Corps see that this is a need that has been  over looked or covered up. Please  help us do our jobs and come home at night. What is it going to take 1-10-1000 more dead Marines to open your chair bound eyes.

    semper fi        steve

  24. LucianLacroix says:

    I would have loved to have been able to carry a concealed handgun while I was on active duty.  You hit on one part of the issue in the video, in MARSOC, you expended more rounds in a day than most did during their entire careers.  Further, Field Grade Officers and higher are extremely risk adverse so I never see it happening.

  25. dorrintheengineer says:

    I don't think I'll ever be able to understand their POV, as they have shown many times they're incapable of rational thought.

    Just because someone can do something better than you does not mean you can limit their ability to exercise that capability.  She was probably embarrassed at her lackluster ability and therefore wanted to curb anyone else who she thinks 1. is as good as she is (thereby not contributing to safety, while possibly being a detriment, i.e. she doesn't trust herself) or 2. is better than her (and obviously would be outside of her control, i.e. she doesn't trust you).

    These people just want control.  They don't deserve it, but that's what they want.  Because something could happen, they desperately need to disallow it so they can feel better.

    I wouldn't trust her as a CO.

  26. Daniel Frakes says:

    What's the game where you throw the knife closer and closer to the other guys foot. Yeah that's the type of shit Joe does when he's bored. Negligent discharges are bad now. Now add 18 year old high speed practicing quick draws in the company area with his nice new glock. Now should we go back to military of old and have armed guards everywhere absolutely. Barracks guards cq guards. Just make it so that the rounds are sensitive items too. Just like gate guards on some army posts.

  27. minicoopertn says:

    I believe above a certain rank should be able to carry so at least 10% are armed. Recruiting offices should have armed personal and bullet resistant glass so the shooter would have to come inside and reduce the risk of stray bullets hitting civilians outside the recruiting office.

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