Captain America: The Winter Soldier Highway Fight Scene

Great fight scene,whoever did the choreography HAS to do it again in Cap 3 😀 Enjoy. I don’t own this clip,it’s for entertainment only.

40 thoughts on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier Highway Fight Scene

  1. The Bosnian Dragon says:

    If you like the atmosphere of neo-noir films like Drive and Only God Forgives with elements of brutal fight scenes and 80s synthwave music i think you will love my short film that is a blend of all of those. We will begin shooting soon and i am very excited. Coming soon….. Happy holidays everyone.

  2. Alvin Yakatory says:

    Honestly, if Civil War had been a lot more like this movie, then we would have gotten the greatest superhero movie ever. I had never been so disappointing walking out of a theatre than when I saw Civil War. Instead of getting the serious and hardcore story that Civil War is supposed to be built on, it felt like some sort of Action/Comedy mix with too many jokes that cut out anything serious in the film. The only truly satisfying scene of Civil War was the final 10 minutes when Captain America, Bucky and Ironman all fight, because that's the only time where it felt like they were actually trying to kill one another and not just playfully sparring like in the airport fight scene.

  3. Blaaz3r says:

    Fr though imagine being an elite killing machine like Bucky. I doubt before this on the other winter soldiers he'd ever been matched in combat. Then some guy with a metal frisbee fucks you up.

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