Capt. W. E. Fairbairn – British Special Forces Unarmed Combat



Techniques taught to Special Operations Executive (SOE), Parachute Regiment (British Paratroopers), The British Commandos, and the Special air service.

20 thoughts on “Capt. W. E. Fairbairn – British Special Forces Unarmed Combat

  1. Sound Gardener says:

    "I say; with this deadly arsenal of attaerks, hoelds, releasures and such undeur ouer respective belts, chaps—drilled to puerfection, no less—I wager we'll have Jerry ruddy well turning tail and naffing the bloody hell orf on the double the instant one of our lads assumes a fighting-man's stance, right lads? Ha! Hrm…er (wot)."

    "Ah-HRM! I say, chaps? Er…c-c-chaps? (Blast it all to….) Chap-a-lads…? Chaps! Oh for heaven's… RUDDY WELL BLAST IT ALL TO BUGGERY, MEN!!!"
    – Field-Marshall Gleonard P. Vigor-Mortis III

  2. ajb7876 says:

    OK before anybody starts on me,I know this is a training film so its making a serious point with sledgehammer subtlety but seriously?5.34 " better look at for a spot of trouble" doesn't bother to hold his rifle in both hands at the ready with his mate covering him while he checks around,and those spies must have been the worst German spies ever, "hey lets just leave this incriminating evidence laying around in the same room that we put those enemy soldiers in.6.18 "Ok we`ve got two enemy soldiers downstairs but no worries lets just keep discussing our spy stuff"7.02 " i`m on guard so I`ll just stand around in plain view where an enemy spy can catch me by surprise" During my time in the Army we loved these old style training films as much for their comedy value as for the information they conveyed,and considering I still remember many of the points they were trying to get across means they worked I suppose.

  3. Linda Foxwood says:

    Great video. Notice the training here was to keep most of them alive – more intel that way. Also good for street fighting or home defense when you don't want to spend a year in court to be found not-guilty of murder. Instead of just shooting your assailant – bash them to pieces and hog tie them for the police. Bag 2 or 3 of them with this technique. I sure learned a great deal.

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