Cannae Legion Elite Pack Review

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38 thoughts on “Cannae Legion Elite Pack Review

  1. John Gerding says:

    +Billy Birdzell Man I LOVE my Phalanx pack, No complaints, But a few bits of input of stuff I would personally like to see On a future Cannae pack. I think the shoulder pads could have been a little thicker just at the portion that rides on your shoulders, Maybe a rubberized skip plate On the bottom of the pack, The Pocket on the side that you say can be used for a 1 liter water bottle needed elastic flex because when the pack is full that pocket is barely thick enough for a wallet let alone a bottle. It can not expand. And last of all I hope you guys make a bigger pack in the future, something along the lines of a 3 day assault pack… I hope to see you guys expanding and offering a big line of tactical products because you guys make amazing gear… Thanks brother.

  2. Kilonoid says:

    It's about time we've had a better pack than what Condor/5.11 has been offering, the Legion Pack looks fantastic in what it offers and especially for the price! Super awesome job with the overall design and functionality! Quick question though, will you be offering other popular patterns such as MultiCam (Regular, Black, etc.) and maybe even some Kryptek (Highlander, Typhon, etc.) in the future? Because that would be sweet for military, regular civvies and also specific LE units.

  3. KhanSW says:

    When will the Grey option be listed on your website? Also is there any water bladder access either through the side pocket or CCW portion of the bag? I don't recall anything in regards to water bladders for this pack, is it just the bottle option? I'm leaning heavy towards a Khard 30 right now but I also like this pack (appears to be a smaller version of the vertx gamut but with a more tactical look with the added bonus of being less than half the price of the Khard.

  4. RichB says:

    The price is really good for what appears to be good quality , Where are they made ? I looked on the web site, I am sorry if it says it there and I missed it..

  5. Chris S says:

    Fantastic review. I' would like to buy the day pack..but I want to pick up a universal holster as well. Any idea where I can get one of those, or does it come with the pack? I can't seem to find those on their website.

  6. Chris Gardill says:

    Nice review on a neat piece of gear. I'm definitely interested in buying. Any idea on when they're going to be actually available as it doesn't appear possible to place an order on the website just yet?

  7. Dillon says:

    Really cool and innovative features. The one downside that is evident to me is the lack of a hydration bladder compartment for rucks, or at least a port for the hole if it is stored in the laptop or holster compartment. is there anyway around this?

  8. Jayson Keel says:

    Nice! I think you have swayed me from purchasing the Arcteryx Khard. Size wise this appears to be comparable to the Khard 30. Is that about right? Are you offering any other colors? What is the price point you mentioned?

  9. BIG_OGRE says:

    I'm sold! was thinking of getting a Maxpidition bad as my bug out bag, but with the features price abd most important the quality it seems to have. I'm going with this bag! thanks Billy! I'll make my order next pay day. I know the wait will be a few weeks but I think it will be worth it. this video will allow me to get things set up for when the bag shows up. have a good one!

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