23 thoughts on “Can You Defend Yourself against a Knife Attack? WATCH THIS

  1. P.TSO says:

    Wow, I just stumble upon this channel and it is amazing. This is really good especially for those who are already in self defense to learn and see just what the public would do in situations like these.

  2. Nigee Fox says:

    The first thing I like about this video is when it say what would you do in this type of situation. and it gets people like me thinking. But for me I would run or swing first and fast. The Next thing I really like about this video is the Music. Nick do you know what this music is called? 

  3. Daniel Skipp says:

    I am sorry, your social experiment idea is great, but of course in order to not hurt the public and also to make them feel good but mostly, sad to say, it seems to me, in order to project the "you-can-do-it-too" idea you want your viewers to have, your very strong attacker just is not going in very strong… he is not really trying. In fact I am sure he is deliberately failing and complying with the defender. That is, it is FAKE. FAKE! FAKE!!! And therefore dangerously giving a false sense of security. Sure, some people, some times, can disarm a knife attackers… but a much stronger guy? with crude grappling? BS. BS! BS!!! Agaist a badass of his strength c.90% of the time all these "defences" would have failed utterly and they would be been dogmeat…dead. Damn, I used to like your vids. Now, frankly, you are just being dishonest and out of order. ;( Knife defence is really very hard and 95% of that taught out there is low percentage BS. Generally you don't see the knife anyway so you just get stabbed if you don't avoid the first attack. Just kick and deflect, back pedal until you can turn to run or deploy a weapon. This vid is BS. Grabs only work against stupidly slow and weaker attackers, unless you are a freaking aikido master.. even then… sigh  ;/

  4. 6AxellexA9 says:

    I would run. I think you have to train hard, that you can defence against a person with a Knife. In real life a maniac would wave and sting withe his knife. 
    I dont offend your self defence training, but I think a normal Person should not fight a person with a gun or a knfie. 
    (Many greetings from Germany )

  5. TheWarriorScholar says:

    Great video, but difficult to simulate a knife attack as the defender is not really trying to hurt the guy with the knife, but the guy with the training knife is really trying to stab you
    Can't do a real stop kick
    Can't do a real eye jab/gouge

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