Can a knife really split a bullet?…

In this video, I put the Ka-Bar Jarosz Turok knife to the ultimate test. How many rounds can the edge split before breaking? Will my 9mm be able to break the …

41 thoughts on “Can a knife really split a bullet?…

  1. Steve Rogers says:

    You're an idiot shooting Shooting a knife with a gun is a stupid thing to do and of course it should not have to stand up to that sort of scrutiny It's a stupid test And your an idiot

  2. Jonah Ruiz says:

    You can split a bullet, but you must have a quality blade. When the bullet travels at such a high velocity, it warps and becomes soft; so when it hits the blade it will split.

  3. Angel King says:

    You're a great shot, no doubt about it. But because the blade was marked on the right side and not on the left tells me the bullets were not hitting dead center. I'll make a case for them not splitting, rather bouncing off the right side and continuing intact. I believe the fifth shot which broke the blade was even more off center. I think if the handgun was rested, the blade would've split all five shots without failing. Fun video to watch though.

  4. Drew B says:

    For one, I like this knife and was debating buying one. I am now DEFINITELY buying it! For two, DAMN, you are one hell of a shot! I couldn't hit that knife at 7 yards. At that distance, I doubt that I could even hit the mailman who delivers it…

  5. Garrett Donald says:

    He doesnt actually think the bullets split into two pieces right? Very nice aim but you can see that only one side of the knife lost the coating, which means the bullet stayed intact.

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