Approaching his challenger, Butch starts discussing the rules for their knife fight. Everyone knows there are no rules, and with confusion on his side, Butch takes …

31 thoughts on “BUTCH CASSIDY & SUNDANCE KID: Knife Fight

  1. zen Q says:

    This was such a witty movie, on a more intense note BUTCH CASSIDY & SUNDANCE KID should have kissed at lest once, they get so close to each other so many time, its like a scene, just waiting to happen

  2. Abbey Kroeter says:

    Cassidy was the voice of countless "bad guys" and creatures in cartoons, the narration of "The Incredible Hulk" series introduction (also the roar heard by Hulk in the same show), he played "Lurch" in the original Adams Family series, guest starred on many shows, including a scary android on the old Star Trek show where he picks up William Shatner like a little kid…. look him up on Wikipedia or IMDB. Quite a character, and a bit overlooked in my opinion. 

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