49 thoughts on “Bussey Combatives: Knife Defense #1

  1. C Fetty says:

    The initial evade and jam with control seems to work fairly well. My concern comes when switching grips with the left hand. It's an opportunity for you to lose control of the situation.

  2. TimA340 says:

    When you were trying to hold him arm locked out if he was very wiry or extremely strong he could easily pull the knife into your inner thigh the way you are trying to hold him. I am concerned David a non exp person would try this and get seriousl hurt or killed. Also going to the ground on the steet is not a smart tactic at anytime. Sorry no disrespect to you meant, just pointing out some serious concerns. God Bless Merry Christmas.

  3. TimA340 says:

    David, I respect your intent to help people protect themselves and applaud the time you took and effort. I have been studying for 44 yrs and teaching for 35. I am fmr Mil, security and LE and I have been in RL edged encounters.Your intitial locked your leg closest to attacker eliminating any moblity for u and leaving your leg open to be seriously injured. Also when you were on the ground there werea t least 5X when the knife was hitting your leg and you are trying to fight against bicep

  4. bae313 says:

    You make some very good points, but good luck getting that control in a real fight. The threat is not gonna stand there like the assistant did. As you said, he is gonna pull the knife hand away, but the student never tried to act in that fashion. Also, he is gonna move toward the front to reorient & you are going to have a very hard time setting that arm bar. THEN, you are gonna drop to the ground & bring that big blade right over your femoral artery??? Not a bad tehnique, but not good either.

  5. Josh Spooky says:

    Very good video what I also appreciated that the knife wielding opponent is actually muscular and not some skrawny karate student. Basically, showing a method that would save your life against a person that could physically overpower you.

  6. LeBadman says:

    @diamondjack1122 Lmao I was being friendly. Not offended. =) I was just giving friendly tips. =O Sadly, most robberies at rich people's mansions are with attackers that are professional ex-military with AK47's.. 3 guys.. defend yourself from that. Bah. They shot the entire family.. :/

  7. TheMacSan says:

    @LeBadman Ehh, Daycare karate? Easy to spot: They recite oaths before or after practice and are great exercise but less help in a rough neighborhood. Find a beat-up school if you don't have one. Shotokan is usually friendly, but we hurt eachother and laugh about it. Bleeding from the lip and smiling like you DGAF is a great day.

  8. TheMacSan says:

    @LeBadman Lol, save your shit-talking for 4chan, kid. You don't know shit about shit, and you don't rate to talk with the adults if all you do is imitate a parrot. You're boring, kid.

  9. TheMacSan says:

    @LeBadman I am a martial artist, too. Take note of the words "Technical advantage."
    Also, what you said is somewhat off topic. If you don't know about a topic, don't bother regurgitating what you hear. It's droll.

  10. LeBadman says:

    @diamondjack1122 Well that is not funny, Jack. lol. Anyway, ju jitsu can help you defend from weapons when the attacker is holding it close to you. Very close. Mark my words. It might help you, but no martial art or defense sport or whatever art is a guarantee that you will win a fight. It all comes down to the situation at hand and what you can do. In any case, ju jitsu has defense techniques against a gun. I know that, because I am a Ju Jitsuka black belt. 😛

  11. LeBadman says:

    @TheMacSan You really think a small figured girl can't win? In the news here, a small figured girl has managed to run away from 3 harassers. Yes, three!!! And she thanked her Martial Arts for it on the news.

  12. LeBadman says:

    @RazryadWarrior If you are training with cold steel, you don't benefit from using full force with the knife. We train with a rubber knife that is rounded (the sharp tip is completely cut off and is made like an ice cream ball). Do you know how much it hurts if someone stabs you with a sharp rubber knife? Rubber knife = full force. More discovery.

  13. LeBadman says:

    "Most people that get on the news are not ex-navy seals or anything of the sort". What?! That's not true. A few months ago, assaults were done by exactly ex-military men. They are mostly done by them. Who else can control an AK47 effectively?

  14. shearn89 says:

    @ss5dojo maybe in the states – in the UK (London), i'm pretty sure most kids (who're the ones with knives nowadays) would go for the "prison shank" method. Walk up close on you when their mates are mouthing off, and then just pop you one in the gut or something… I'd go with cardio defense: run the f**k away!

  15. itsthatshit says:

    this video will get you killed if you try that in real life. step1. Always evade what ever kind of slashing motion comes at you.!!!!!! Step2. Charge or bump the wepon arm when possible. try to stay behind them and. control the arm and have a block on the way it may come back at you. Step 3 Go for brain.. take out the brain. punch elbow there head. back of head.. you dont want to cut your fist on there teeth eyes nose. just punch the back of there head.knock out the brain. shuts off the knife

  16. Blue Shield Tactical LLC says:

    I would suggest working out on a tredmill and running the other way, because if you fight a guy with a knife you may take it from him but you will get cut. I think it's great to have a plan, but you need to either equal the odds or go the other way if possible.

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