39 thoughts on “bushcraft tips&tricks: how to open a stuck “opinel” folding knife

  1. salpednavsalocin says:

    My girlfriend gave me an Opinel NΒ°8 Outdoor for Christmas. Nice little knife, but it has one flaw: the ring that serves to fix the blade in the open or closed position is verry tight and opening/closing it strains the fingers…anny1 else have the same experience? grtz

  2. rasputin0452 says:

    Had one for years, but my son always admired it so I eventually gave it to him. But they do get stuck now and again and thats how I use to free it,,,works every time. Hope your business is going well,Ken

  3. bushcraftmyway says:

    i'm glad you appreciate my stuff, thank you!

    yes, the contest is still on, but not for long – so hurry up and enter! in fact, the design of the knife-prize is one of those that you can see in this vid ;).

  4. bushcraftmyway says:

    glad you like the sketches – some of them are in progress already. so far, I think I have a couple of really good ones among them, but i'll be sure only after testing them πŸ˜‰ …

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