Bullying with a Knife

In this scenario we demonstrate a bullying situation that occurs in a staircase. Getting bullied is really not a cool situation. There are way too many bullying cases …

31 thoughts on “Bullying with a Knife

  1. Anypic says:

    thank you for this lesson. But I have a question. In this video guy with knife did not came close to you. Knife was in straight arm, but what if he push you to the wall and take you near wall with weight of his body? His arm will be hard to push from you without any harm for neck. what to do in such situation?
    You are really cool. I adore your lessons of self defence.
    Sorry for my english, it's not my mothertongue.

  2. Khaled Boris says:

    I wonder how do you guys learn self defense without sparring? Don't get me wrong I'm interested and willing to learn but the mindset I gained from boxing and MMA is that you cannot learn how to fight without actually fighting.

  3. AlexParker1981 says:

    you gotta remember…the knife can be detained at some point…so carrying and actually bringing one out is a risk. you must use the element of surprise and pull it out last minute instead of using it as a scare tactic..

  4. AlexParker1981 says:

    that exact thing happened to me and all i could think of was his wrists and I grabbed the knife cuz he had it poking into my neck not in a slash motion…..and i put my hands up like u said and said "take it, ok ok" then it was too late to get his wrist and he'd already tried to kill someone the way you are showing…..he used a kitchen knife with a square shape by the handle so i didn't get cut too bad between the thumb and index….instead of using my strength I used my entire body and let him kick stomp me because the most important thing was the knife at the time, and how to control it…..this is the best knife defense I've seen so far….please people….don't try some fancy crescent kick….just attain the knife…if it had been a full on sharp knife I would have been sliced down to the ligaments or tendons? not sure…..so work on your anatomy. I know I will…it's a life changing moment. nobody is safe after something like this happens….good drill….best one I've seen of defense so far.

  5. EnergyRipple says:

    Big fan of your channel man, this info can really save people's lives. I was chased once at midnight by 3 guys, I got in my door slammed the gate which auto locks and had 3 guys reaching through the bars trying to grab me. They then tried to break in at which point I ran up stairs grabbed my 4 foot katana and went back to negotiate with them….. we came to an agreement 🙂

  6. Anat Passder says:

    Hi, Thanks for all your video. The guy on the video wants your money. Now… Just a question : imagine you are visiting Jerusalem and the guy in front of you is close and wants to kill you, what defense strategy to adopt?

  7. Andy Smith says:

    There's a lot of stupid comments on this video, I just wanted to say good video Nick, I liked the point about how most videos teach a 1,2,3 approach to defending in situations like this, whereas in reality it's never that simple

  8. Amit Bar-Noy says:

    Nick can you please make a video about how to defense yourself from a terrorist? And can please type for me your skype? I need to say to you a lot of important things .
    Have a good day!

  9. Xevon Williams says:

    Hey Nick, a lot of people say they can get angry when a fight happens and it allows them to get a better handle on the situation, ive never been able to do that which then makes me hesitate when im defending myself. your feedback would really help

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