Bully 911 – Protect Your Children – Self Defense Lessons From 7 Time World Karate Champion

If I grabbed your shoulder right now… what would you do to get away? Or grabbed your wrist? Or your hair? Would you know …

23 thoughts on “Bully 911 – Protect Your Children – Self Defense Lessons From 7 Time World Karate Champion

  1. kinabear says:

    Niggers will be niggers.
    There are intelligent black folks. Every race has them. Whites have the pathetic skin head rednecks. African American's have thug-niggers who have nuts the size of pea's.

  2. Angela F.R says:

    The fact that the one kid was laughing on a cell phone, shows that he didn't care, and was not bothered, and just as I cannot express how wrong it is to use this word, because he doesn't understand, I would like to know what the other mother explains what it means to her children. apparently to use it as a defense for when they get in trouble.

  3. Angela F.R says:

    I would have pressed charges, children need to learn that their are consequences to their actions, EVEN if she called them the N word, it gives them no right to physcially cause someone harm. Obviously it isn't right to name call, but she could have been killed, or poisened by the lead. People are ignorant, it's not going to change, so in their future if someone calls them the N word what they are going to stab them?

  4. fourcups123 says:

    One more – My daughter never said the "n" word , the black boys were embarrassed by there actions , is why they took the early way out , by saying the "N' word stuff ?? Wow ?? Thanks to any one reading this , no hard feelings to different races , please !

  5. fourcups123 says:

    Not us we have to much class , we raised our daughter to forgive and forget . Our daughter as of now, has 2 years remaining with her online distance high school diploma and is doing great !

  6. fourcups123 says:

    part 6 – What I mean by that { above ] You got a sense the school who is ran from this principle didnt feel like getting these 2 boys into trouble for there crime -and that I should understand that more or less ? — Being my daughter survived the pencil scare mentally & physically , then there was no need to press charges against those boys . If the shoe was on the other foot , one can imagine farakan or sharpton being called in and law suits galore being filed !

  7. fourcups123 says:

    part 5 , by saying they did there assaults based on being called the "N" word from a tall shy red headed girl . My Daughter recovered from that ordeal greatly , we rushed her to the docters office , to where the school never followed up on her condition . The School was very concerned about my prerssing charges about what they might do to the 2 boys , I would hate to think that the Principle who is black showed origin favoritism in order to establish a safty net for these 2 boys

  8. fourcups123 says:

    part 4 – the school , by saying its more traumatic to be called " the N Word " then it is to be stabbed ?? Then the mother wanted to know if I were to press charges ? While her sons stands to the other side of the room on a cell phone laughing ? – I didnt press any charges , all i wanted was an apology and my daughter to recover from this -and she did ! — I dont understand who these 2 black boys who felt trapped , needed to lie ?

  9. fourcups123 says:

    part 3- He became very hesitant , by saying he's knows these 2 boys for years as if it were his sons he said to my daughter ,and this might take away from there school scholarship chances ? At first the boys denied ever doing this , but then gave up by pleading there guilt thru a straight face . Hours later , they changed there story by saying they stabbed my daughter in self defense to her calling them the "n" word ? With that now being additionally put in , one of the 2 boys mom came up to

  10. fourcups123 says:

    My Daughter who was in pain that day , kept her mouth shut the whole day in pain . One of the students who saw the whole thing told the teacher and principle , then my daughter was confronted to speak , My daughter did – she was not rushed to any medical office for treatment of the pencil wounds in that school that day . The Principle who is a very nice man up to that point , was assisting my daughter . She told him who the boys were who did this to her , he became very hesiant ? he claims it'll

  11. fourcups123 says:

    3 years ago, My daughter who then was 12 started her a new school , which was a private lutheran school . The Bullying she was being abused by from previous public schools was to overbearing . In her new school , it didnt take too long for others in seeing her as a tall shy cute red head , they too were aware of her abusive past from other students in other schools . One day my daughter was stabbed twice in her arm from alead pencil from 2 black boys , the 2 blacks boys went into hiding continue

  12. Rafael says:

    fuck that if i ever got bullyed i would try to kill that bitch and if i saw that happing to a friend id do the same thing (kids need to fight back as and teach that bully a lession)

  13. Nyah Notrealname says:

    Huh? I like his badass style. It's bad, it's the style you develop when you go hog wild. And thank you for being my vessel of out-of-control anger. Honestly, the only way to properly apply self defense is to gun down your attacker. Pump-em-full-of-lead is what I've always said. Ciao!

  14. Nyah Notrealname says:

    Shut up you pansy! You're obviously afraid of anyone calling themselves TheBiggestBadass. Which is my he used it Taishudo, what's that, something you pulled-out of some pussy-assed anime? Feminists are fascist man-haters and expect that ALL think alike. Good for him, and I'd kick you stupid limp-dicked ass if I ever found you too! How's that for violent?

  15. xXrincessXx says:

    ive not been bullied but threatened by some boy that he will beat me up and iam girl by the way…what shall i do and another thing some fat big titted girl called said iam my friends ass licker nd iam very pissed of by that please help fanx xxxxx =[

  16. navysealboy62 says:


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