Brutal Knife Counter Technique – Filipino Martial Arts: Kali Escrima Arnis

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14 thoughts on “Brutal Knife Counter Technique – Filipino Martial Arts: Kali Escrima Arnis

  1. Brad Pack says:

    there is helpful techniques and principles that need met hidden moves to be found and timing to be tried but theres never an end its just like brazilian jiu jitsu everyone can do the same move that acheives the same goal but many of the best find many different set ups and ways to do that moves and combine moves their own way…the best things i done in fma and bjj are not repeatedly practiced over and over but i do believe they are performed by me because of what i do repeatedly practice thats why when someone else asks me wow how did u i really dont know it just happens FLOW own CReate

  2. Brad Pack says:

    we need this more in kali via youtube everyone gets the standard techniques what about the ones we make just fucking around as practicioners kali is the most self expressive way to kick someones ass or kill them on a more serious note so why not

  3. Larry Wong says:

    In general, I never make comments. I think it is awesome that Kali is returning in popularity. And, I am glad that you have great interest in sharing your skills and knowledge. Keep it up. Although, one thing, I can't remember of any of the Tuhons that I've trained with would ever teach a strike where you expose your arm pit, or your right side of the rib cage. It is inviting a quick thrust of a knife, and have a nice short life. You will bleed out and die. And, there isn't a way to stop the bleeding. Second, I would have to assume the defender of your attack is not experience in knife fighting because he used his left to block. Kali is not Karate. Kali fighters will jam or check, pass through, or use the left hand for controlling techniques, but never block. And, only as a last chance to survive, will he or she sacrifice the arm/hand. In addition, holding the knife using the Pakal Grip will deliver quick and powerful strikes that in most cases even if the opponent puts their arm/hand up, it won't stop the kinetic energy of the strike. And my last comment, Kali fighters would use the right hand to defend against the right hand, or left on left. The idea is the destroy the attacking hand or arm, or cause an advantage to quickly strike and end the fight. It is just an observation.

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