Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method 1

This is a video adaptation of Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method Volume 2 – Basic Training and Volume 1 – Self Defense Techniques. Volume 2’s warm up exercise …

29 thoughts on “Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method 1

  1. John Hendel says:

    Those hamstring stretches are more effective if you keep your back straight and your head up; Also, you ought to be trying to reach forward(past your toes). It might feel impressive to touch your head to your legs, but keeping a straight spine will pull those hamstrings much better. Eventually, you'll be able to do both.

  2. Cornell Garrett says:

    I recently viewed a video of Dan Inasanto demonstrating Wing Chun and how Bruce Lee expanded into other ranges and arts to round out if Wing Chun training. A great video and really just shows the spirit of practical martial arts as they were taught in the past in China. This mind set is why there are so many styles. It is recently that it has become static and ritualistic.

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