20 thoughts on “Bro, do you even fight?

  1. Jollyfalla says:

    Stop making excuses, you contradict yourself. I have to admit, that I'm glad that other loser with the pony tail has not been around.
    So what if the other people have not fought. Your the one claiming to be a badass

  2. Alexander Lazebnikov says:

    Would you take advice from a guy that's never cooked about how to make a beef wellington?

    People go to experts in the field because they have a much deeper understanding than someone that's never done it. You can talk about effective methodology if you've either trained a successful fighter, or you are one.

  3. profd65 says:

    Everybody has "fighting experience." You don't need to fight in a cage to have "fighting experience." But in any case it's not necessary to have this experience to be able to speak the truth about fighting, and the truth is that martial arts like BJJ and western boxing work and martials arts like kung fu and aikido don't work.

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