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Special Boat Service Rare Images SBS – The Special Boat …

42 thoughts on “British SBS – Special Boat Service Rare Footage – UKSF

  1. Shaun Davenport says:

    Hey Sam,how's it going?Is it poss mate that you could give me some directions on where to get the full footage of SBS at Qali a janghi.I lost my info on that site.I know they keep trying to block it but if it's around I'd appreciate it pal.Keep up the good work mate.

  2. stu says:

    Just because you started earlier doesn't make you the best. SBS don't go around shouting how good they are like Navy seals, Delta force and SAS. Ive been lucky flying in support of all these teams and I know which is the best in the world. SBS

  3. Wook5ter says:

    The American Marines get destroyed by the Royal Marines every time they train together. FACT. The RM's fitness is 10x better – the AM's focus more on the gym and their muscles and cannot keep up. Just compare their basic training.

    That aside – I detest war and what we in the West are doing to the civilised world. Rothschild wants to take over Syria and Korea so they make some shit up and invade. We are all Israel's bitch. America alone has killed 30 million civilians 'keeping the peace' since WW2. Godless America baby. xx

    And I am a General so you can all fuck off.


  4. VideoNews_Media says:

    I read a story once regarding an old Russian SPETNAZ solder.. Apparently he quoted " One force in the world they most feared and look up to is the British SBS Units -royal Marines .. " Something to do with there resilience history and there utmost secrecy…. ..true Warriors as are the US SEALS – hand in hand together ..who both train together at times..

  5. selfco 22 says:

    as usual on these videos,the B.S. starts about who's countrys S.F. are the best,the fact is they are all highly trained,well funded,etc,all western/NATO,countries regularly cross train with each other,to see what they can learn Brits learn of the USA,vice vera!

  6. Adam Taylor Grigg says:

    my dad was a sbs he broke he's leg when he came back he told me his 1st day ever being a sbs the sergeant pushed him off off the helicopter and then he said when the boat left the helicopter u need to follow it down like the sergeant pushes everybody down lol he said it was fun getting pushed off a helicopter

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